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Presently a very interesting discussion is underway in a national workshop on 'science communication and role of media' [5-8th Dec] in Benaras Hindu University [BHU],Varanasi, India of which I am a proud participant.Here is some glimpses for you Samaritans on a topic as simple as the possible utility of blogs in science communication. Its now any body's knowledge that blogs are increasingly being used as powerful media for science communication.There are already many blogs on web which are efficiently communicating science and technology to the target audience.
Could it then be discerned that there may not be any difference in between the nature , contents and contexts of blogs and websites in near future?This is one of the most debatable point in the workshop.Blogs as we are very well aware are like personal dairies on the web but of course with a big difference in the sense that while blogs are usually open to all our personal -traditional diaries were not meant/supposed to be read by any one else unless permitted to do so as they contained some very personal /private informations not intended to be made public.So web dairies are now very different at least in this aspect and usually seek readers to visit each newly scribbled pages on them .
Nevertheless these digital diaries notwithstanding their modern look still retain the individualistic nature of their traditional counterparts and they have been until recently quite different to not only what websites look like but also the kind of contents and specialized knowledge which they have for their viewers.
The apprehensions expressed in the said workshop relates to the possibility of blogs converting into websites insofar as the contents and contexts are concerned.Some of them appear to have already been transformed into subject based blogs with wide ranging subjects like the environment,the forest ,the wildlife,the genome and so on so forth.If the trend remains as it is it may not be far off when there wont be any difference in between blogs and websites at all !
What is your say ?How do you view the whole debate ,its rationale and relevance?
Any comments please??

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The way I see it, Arvind, a blog written by an expert on the subject holds as much interest to the general reading public as any good website dealing with an important subject. Reading a blog is akin to reading a column. We go to blogs ...or at least I ascertain the views of the the individual blogger/columnist. The space would interest me as much as the identity of the individual and his/her expertise. A website is as important as the subject or organisation it represents. A website would interest me if it presents information on a number of issues with the right level of expertise. In case a blogger can deal with subjects with as much elan and expertise as a website, the blog would interest me as a good website.Under the circumstances, there should be no conflict at all. In case the essence of a blog fails to differ from the nature of a website, so be it!
So kind of you Rina for your comments on the discussion initiated by me.Your views are quite explicit and I fully endorse the same. Yes it looks as if both newly emerged ways of powerful web communication are culminating at some point in time-space continuum to loose their initial disparities.
Thanks David for making the issue straight and comprehensible.



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