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I have been following a lot of discusions with regards to science and indigenous knowledge. In my interaction with women and men of science I would not say that most of the answers to this have come out with an explanation as to really what is science in the true word of science and indigenoous knowledge from my maybe narrow and ignorant thinking. For one as a country lad who grew up heading cattle, goats,sheep and stayed at the cattle post, would be able to understand the changes on the weather pattern by observing the sky at the night whether it was dark or on a bright evening before snoozing only to woken by the sound of a jackal to rush and make sure that the animals are in a safe and protected area. This happened by means of observing the movement of the clouds higher up from the mouth of a cave on a mountain. The wind direction and intensity was another factor. This I learned from some of the eleders I used to accompany during my initiation to becoming a shepperd unknowingly at that age when I was very hungry for knowledge wanting to hear and learn what was being said at all times. This continued up until I started schooling and began to clearly understand some of the issues in life more especially the environment not knowing that was going to be the path I was going to follow as a journalist reporting on science and the environment. I would like to ask again if it would be possible that this could be clarified for me and others who fall into my category of wanting to know more.

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