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I would like to invite women and men of science to adopt media practitioners

I would like to ask women and men of science to adopt media practitioners. This I hope will be a vehicle towards bringing science to the ordinary person like myself. To be able to intepret science in the language that I understand and could identify with when explaining some of the scientific terms used in every day life.

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I second your opinion Wandile and thank you for the suggestion. One of the major inhibitors to the advancement and adoption of Sustainable development is its complicated jargon that is little undertsood by the laypersons. I suggest that a workshop is held between press people and scientists on the issue you mentionned and an agremment on term simplification is reached so that the message gets widespread better.
Wandile Kallipa,

As communication specialists, our main aim is to convey to the common man the success of your product, service or idea. So whether you're a doctor or innovator, if I can convince the world that you've got just what they need, then my friend, my job is well done.

As a journalist I've observed that there is a huge communication gap between scientists and journalists and also between scientists and mass people. I think journalists specially Science journalist can play important role in this regard.
Dear Mr. Wandile Kallipa
The media network is the first thing to give information to public, it makes media become very important for us.
Media exposure is still the heart of the Public relations strategies.
Public Relations cleary creates a new depth of understanding through the popularization and dissemination in media. One of the strenghts of the popularization and dissemanation has been implied endorsemently in the media. First ,we must know about the target of the media, however language of the information must use the language that understandable for the target, so the message can be used properly.
I fully endorse this idea. I am a scientist and will be willing to take this discussion further on how we can decrease this gap. In my work, I found that many media outlets are deep in sensational news. This often leads to little attention being given to important environmentsl issues. This is no fault of the media nor the is just that the integration of the two professions is not very effective. These two professions need each other in order for environmental issues to be adequately highlighted and in effect reach all stakholders.




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