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The Fifth National Conference in the serious point of upgrading the Nepalese standard using the scientific tools!

NAST, using the same language by kattel sir, an autonomous statutory body established with a mandate to work for the promotion and development of science and technology in the country is going to organize The Fifth National Conference on science and technology in November 10-12 2008 in this tempered and extreme point of Nepalese politics possibly. Thats why too it will certainly has a meaningin this situation. Untouchable development of science in the world, in fact its necessity to run the life even is really forcing us too to make us developed. And now, the seriousness we can get somehow from the policy level. The poor sight of the state towards the science and technology and almost zero possibility in the developement if it is neglected is contradicting and the seriousness is rising! So a little bit hope for the initiation we have. The revolutionary, Maiost, having some excitement to develope the nation is in the power and the concepts to restrusturize the nation are also being upgraded. In this situation what and how the scientists will contribute certainly play a important role. And NAST too is working hard for its success.
so in this situation i want to discuss about some key points to assist it.

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