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Dear Colleagues, Please check this invitation.

You are invited to take the "Climate Ethics" survey. This is an online
research survey we are conducting at the University of Oxford. The
purpose of the survey is to gather public attitudes toward some
ethical questions related to the economic analysis of climate change.

There is currently an academic debate on the way economic analyses of
climate change deal with risk, inequality and time. It is our view
that this debate should not be monopolised by economists, philosophers
and other academics. Therefore, we seek to include the views of the
wider public. If the survey proves successful, it will very likely be
followed by a larger government-funded study.

Your contribution is valuable. By taking our short pilot survey, you
will help inform one of the most important debates related to climate
change ethics and economics. You will be given the opportunity to
provide your email address so that we can send you the results of the

The following link directs you to the survey:

The survey contains 32 questions, and takes approximately fifteen
minutes to complete. It requires no prior knowledge of climate change
or economics. All responses will be treated anonymously and will only
be used for academic purposes.

We hope you will participate in our survey. Should you have any
questions or suggestions as to how we can improve this survey, you may
reach us at or

Feel free to forward this email to anyone you think may be interested.

Your contribution is greatly appreciated.

Best wishes,

Jennifer Helgeson and Hهkon Sوlen

MSc Environmental Change and Management
Enironmental Change Institute
University of Oxford
Linacre College

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