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I read an interesting piece in The Economist about the origins of the Darfur conflict. According to the writer, the current conflict in Darfur has its origins in the desire to have access to the few sources of water. The struggle for water among the settled peasantry and nomads gradually escalated into the conflict which shows no signs of abating today in this arid region of Africa. Droughts have been taking their toll on the Sahelian region for some time now, and desertification is affecting many parts of Africa owing to lopsided policies that have ignored conservation. The current pace at which global warming is contributing to climate change, Africa is bound to face the worst. It looks like water will particularly trigger a lot of trouble in the continent. I wonder what our African friends on the group have to say on this.......

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I am attaching a file featuring an Interview with a leading Indian expert on climate change, Prof Sugato Hazra. Perhaps members may find it interesting...I did the interview for the latest issue of CIVIL SOCIETY




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