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"DEFORESTATION" is a Network group to discuss and exchange points of view regarding the deforestation phenomenon, in the world.

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Overall land degradation

Deforestation is part of a global process of the 'browning' of the Earth. A recent satellite survey conducted by FAO reveals 24 per cent of the Earth's and surface is seriously degraded by vegetation…Continue

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Started by Julian Cribb Apr 3, 2011.

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Comment by Mohammed Ellatifi on April 30, 2011 at 11:20

Deforestation is defined as the removal of a forest or stand of trees, and their conversion to another land use, or the long-term reduction of the tree canopy cover below a 10 percent threshold. Deforestation implies the long-term or permanent loss of forest cover and its replacement by another land use (agriculture, range, roads, urban use, etc.).

Forest degradation is a gradual forest destruction process which causes deforestation.

The forest ecosystems deliver many other vital services, such as: Water resources protection;  Soil protection, Influence on local climate and reduction of gas emission impacts; Conservation of natural habitat and biodiversity; Recreation and other social functions of forests; Protecting the cultural dimension of forests.  Forests also provide a wide variety of social and economic benefits, ranging from easily quantified economic values associated with forest products, to less tangible goods, services and contributions to society. Forests are also carbon stores, and they are carbon dioxide sinks when they are increasing in density or area.

When degraded or destroyed, forests release in the atmosphere their biotic carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Forests once covered half of the Earth’s landmass. Today, they cover less than 10 percent. According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), some 13 million hectares (13,000 square kilometers) are destroyed every year, including 6 million hectares of primary forests. Primary forests – forests with no visible signs of past or present human activities – are considered the most biologically diverse ecosystems on the planet.

The UN has declared 2011 the International Year of Forests to better protect forests and combat forest degradation and deforestation.

It is within this framework that we created the Research and Media Network group “DEFORESTATION”. The main objective behind this creation is the opening of  an international forum to discuss the serious of deforestation and forest degradation, exchange ideas and points of view on the Net, in order to understand the real causes of the phenomenon, and participate to its mitigation, with the objective to save the remaining forests on earth, and to sustainably manage them.

We invite all people, of all social and education categories, to join the group “DEFORESTATION”, and participate to the open discussion in this group, bringing everybody input, towards coming out with sound proposal to save the world remaining forests.

We look forward to receiving your joining message and your input.

Mohammed Ellatifi   &


Comment by Mohammed Ellatifi on April 4, 2011 at 7:22

Hi Julian,

You are right. Nobody ignores FAO and its huge activities, worldwide. And it is the case for other UN Organizations: UNCCD, UNCCC, Biodiversity, etc. Many people are certainly profiting from these UN Agencies input and publications.

Nevertheless, it's a matter of fact to see that on the field, that, unfotunately, lands continue to be degraded, forests continue to cleared and degraded, biodiversity continue to be dagraded anf species to be jeopardized, climate change continue to worsen, etc. All these phenomena are not independent, they are linked in a well-known circle.

And trillions of Dollard are spent, yearly, toward the overcome of the problems, in the world......without significant success!

Don't you think that, so far, we are not putting our finger on the real causes of these problems on our earth?  Don't you think that, more courage and more honesty are needed to point out the real responsible, worldwide, of the degradation situation?

And, at the center of the figure, there is the local people who are suffuring from the situation, and hoping, everyday, that the situation improves.

I am not going to say more, but I just hope to know the reaction of our network members.


Mohammed Ellatifi

Casablanca, Morocco




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