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March 2008 Blog Posts (10)


The chairmanship and councillorship elections in Rivers state that held on the 29th March 2008, was characterized by a peaceful conduct of the electorates.This is not to say that there were no attempts by some people to hijack the exercise.There were early disturbances that were intended

to discourage the larger body of electorates.But these panick situations were only visible in some local government councils.

One other major snag was the delay in the distribution of materials… Continue

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SciDev.Net spotlight on antibiotic resistance in the developing world

Are antibiotics becoming a 'non-sustainable' drug supply?

With increasing resistance to existing antibiotics ― and little incentive for pharmaceutical companies to invest in new ones ― developing countries face a serious challenge combating killer diseases such as tuberculosis and typhoid fever.

Read SciDev.Net's new spotlight on antibiotic resistance

SciDev.Net's online resource highlights the… Continue

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Validating Satellite-based Rainfall estimates in Africa

rainchart.jpg In many regions of the developing world, there is a scarcity of ground-based measuring stations to record environmental conditions such as rainfall and temperature. These data are desperately needed to inform decision making in agriculture, water resource management, energy generation and other sectors.

In the last three decades, institutions have relied increasingly on satellite-derived estimations of environmental conditions. While these data sets are a welcome alternative…


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A mixed feeling has heralded the local government elections that is scheduled to hold on 29th March 2008, in the oil rich Rivers State of Niger Delta in Nigeria. This is predicated on the fact that the practice of politics and elections in the past eight years instilled so much fear in the minds of the people who were often scared off polling stations.

The monstrous threat deprived them from voting.There were a manifest hijacking of the process.The desparation is hinged on the… Continue

Added by Tamunobarabi Gogo Ibulubo on March 28, 2008 at 15:30 — No Comments

Have you experienced this?

I am very new in health reporting and i must say i am very much surprised by the level of un-cooperativeness by healthcare workers and bureaucracy especially in public institutions and mostly by censorship.

Generally i have quickly discovered you cannot write anything negative about a health institution and no one will comment on negative happenings in the healthcare sector.

I thought there censorship was predominantly in political reporting but health reporting is shrouded in a… Continue

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Fifth National Conference on Science and Technology


Nepal Academy of Science and Technology is an autonomous statutory body established with a mandate to work for the promotion and development of science and technology in the country. As an apex body of its kind for Science and technology, it has the statutory obligation in providing a forum for all scientists and technologists working in different intuitions of the country. One of such fora has been the congress of all scientists held usually in the interval of… Continue

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New SciDev.Net website launched

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new version of the SciDev.Net website, with a fresh appearance and improved navigation.

New editorial features include:

Topic gateways

The website now has six topic gateways, and over 80 sub-topics, making it easier to find information relating to your interests.

Topic gateways are as follows:


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Sustainable benefits: New road to conservation

There has been a tug-of-war in understanding how people can make use of forest resources without harming the environment.

Many believe this is fine as long as people are able to make use of the forest wisely and rejuvenate them in return, while others strongly oppose the forests being "touched" when it is supposed to be preserved.

Some people in Papua, however, have proved that forest is more than a source of wood, and that other products from forests can benefit those who… Continue

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Orchid traders keep ecosystem balanced

Ita Nurita Wanggai proudly displays an ugly but beautiful, rare orchid.

"My late husband was the first who introduced this rare orchid. He named it anggrek kribo, meaning frizzy or curly orchid. The petals are just like our wavy hair," she said.

It's 77cm stalk has more than five flowers. The sepals and petals are greenish-cream, with abstract red-brown markings all over, except for the edges.

The shape of the sepals and petals are wide, twisted, distorted, and… Continue

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Tigers and Human, will they live happily ever after in Sumatra?

In his book “The Malay Archipelago,” Alfred Russel Wallace, who spent three month from 18 July to 31 October 1861 in Java Island, wrote about human-tiger conflict.

“Three day after my arrival at Wonosalem, my friend Mr Ball came to pay me a visit. He told me that two evenings before, a boy had been killed and eaten by a tiger close to Modjo-agung. He was riding on a cart drawn by bullocks, and was coming about dusk on the main road; and when not half a mile from the village a tiger… Continue

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