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March 2012 Blog Posts (7)

Zambia to assist Botswana as food shortage looms

Zambia to assist Botswana as food shortage looms Zambian


Zambian President Michael Sata said on Monday in the capital Gaborone that he has noted changes in the rain pattern which has affected food production in Botswana. The result is that Zambia is willing to assist with food supply.

But he said Zambia has also been affected by the same changes adding that Zambia is willing to assist in educating some Botswana citizens. Sata is on a three days state…


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Massive crackdown on illegal fishing looms across Africa

Wrote by: Daud Abdi Daud

Africa is home to some of the largest lakes in the world, both in size and volume. These lakes play a significant role in the political, social, economic and environmental life of many of the continent's people and their importance is set to increase. Africa is also a vast continent of incredible diversity, physical beauty and rich natural resources though extreme poverty and life-threatening diseases are very real threats currently.



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Global Warning: Millions in Kenya Stare Death in the Eye

By Robert Wanjala

Eldoret, Kenya.  Just in its second County, Climate Change consultative forum held in Rift Valley; Kenya’s largest  province witnessed a boycott from some key private sectors and big time environment polluters; industries.

Speculations about the absence of these key contributors to global warming was apparent in the highly-charged forum convened to chat strategy on actualizing the country’s Climate Change Action Plan, NCCAP.



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Famine and Conflict calamity looms across Africa

Wrote by Daud Abdi Daud

Africa is still suffering the affects of global warming which causes Africa to be the poorest region in the world and looked as continent the most vulnerable to the impacts of projected changes due to widespread poverty limits and adaptation capabilities.

In fact, so as to draw a close measurable image about where the current food crisis is exactly exist as emergency in order to boost the desperate voice from entire African community most of who…


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Insect Pollination key contributor to global food security

By Robert Wanjala

UN Food and Agriculture Organization, FAO, has said smallholder farmers will soon be better able to weigh up the cost and benefits of adopting new practices that support some of the most overlooked contributors to global food security — the insects and other animals that pollinate their crops and boost yields.

“Three quarters of all food crops need insect pollinators such as bees to get good yields, and 35% of all food production globally…


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free expression,social media & citizen journalism

I don’t think that passing very bad time for free expression .Even west is passing good time. We are near us & better time is coming soon in south Asia. But I am not happy to so called free write to information act which is shout of south Asians governments like Bangladesh. The governments are showing & shouting ``No problem.. media is free. We have created write to information act. Any journalist will get any information & publish or broadcast it’s freely.” But reality is not…


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Climate Communicators Forum of Bangladesh (CCFB) launched

Syful President, Ansary GS 

Climate Communicators Forum

of Bangladesh (CCFB) launched


Leading climate journalists’ have joined hand to work together to communicate the adverse impact of climate change, a threat to the existence of Bangladesh.


From now on they will work under the banner of “Climate Communicators’ Forum of Bangladesh” (CCFB).…


Added by Syful Islam on March 3, 2012 at 16:13 — 2 Comments

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