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May 2009 Blog Posts (18)

IPCC Chief Rajendra Pachauri new IRI Board Chairman

Rajendra K. Pachauri, chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which shared the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize with former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, has agreed to serve as the next board chairman of the International Research Institute for Climate and Society. Read the whole story on the IRI web…

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Amanda Lindhoud is pregnant couple of month’s mother now

Mogadishu: 26 May, 2009 The Somali Journalists’ Rights Agency (SOJRA) contacted several sources very much close to the group who kidnapped the two journalists and the area kept them.

The resources are confirming that Amanda is pregnant mother now, but it is very difficult to know who the father of the child is. And part of the source say Nigel Brennan is the further of the child, while some other say the kidnappers raped her and did sex object. Only Amanda will tell when she is… Continue

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Climate change: Africa stands for one voice

Last week, in Kigali, the Capital of Rwanda, held a meeting of African Ministers to find out opportunities and resolve problems which their respective countries are facing in their struggle to reach MDGs.

At the end of the meeting, they agreed to have one position in the next world meeting about climate change in Copenhague, Danemark as their countries are victims of European and USA industries.

They regretted that the money promised to the Africa in Kyoto protocol is not… Continue

Added by BIZIMANA Viateur on May 25, 2009 at 8:33 — 2 Comments

Climate change impact-2: Livelihood of fishers under pressure

Rafiqul Islam Azad

Subol Hori, a sexagenarian fisherman of village Koirbottyapara at Borghop, Kutubdia, an island in Cox's Bazar, the southeastern coastal area of the country, can no more maintain his 20-member family. He is exhausted.

All of his four sons, who could not cross the boundary of secondary school, are also fishermen. They use to go for fishing in the deep sea but cannot earn money as much as their family needs.

"We are compelled to lead a miserable life. With limited… Continue

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Mogadishu is war zone area, prominent journalist shot dead to day

Mogadishu is war zone area, prominent journalist shot dead to day

The Somali Journalists Rights Agency (SOJRA) is to day denounce the death of prominent Somali journalist Abdirsaak Warsame Mohamed known as (Gado’o), who worked for radio Shabelle based in Mogadishu near by Hamar Jadiid district where his house is also located in Mogadishu.

“The obstacles and risks that Somali journalists and other media workers faced while they carry out their professional duty will remain… Continue

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Climate change impacts-I: Coastal fishermen bear brunt of cyclonic storm, tidal surge

'It was about 8.30pm. The devastating Sidr was approaching the coatal land from the Bay of Bengal. Our courtyard was submerged by water brought by tidal surge. I, along with my pregnant wife Hanufa Begum, 21, and daughter Nargis, 5, started moving to a local cyclone centre for taking shelter. Hardly we moved about 1000 yards when we were washed away by a strong surge about 30fts high and in no time we found ourselves struck on a big rain tree.'

This is the horrible tale of Nanna… Continue

Added by Rafiqul Islam Azad on May 17, 2009 at 17:30 — 2 Comments

Climate Change Media Partnership opens 2009 fellowship programme to bring journalists to COP15 in Copenhagen

The largest group of developing-world journalists returns to boost media coverage of climate change in a critical year of negotiations.

The Climate Change Media Partnership (CCMP) has today opened its 2009 Fellowship Programme. It encourages all journalists in developing countries who report on climate change to apply.

This programme comes during a critical year of negotiations that ends in December with the UN Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen where a new global… Continue

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Bikes - an old new trend?

While the car industry is bleeding bike infrastructure is a growing business. Mexico City is just one of the metropols sketching out a new master plan for the revival of the bike in the city's street. And consultancy companies experience a growing demand for knowledge on bike policies.
You can read more at the Climate Consortium news site here

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DEVELOPMENT & CLIMATE DAY conference & film festival at Bonn II session of the UN Climate Change negotiations

GermanWatch is co-organising a day long conference on climate change and development during the Bonn negotiating session of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. And a film festival.

More information here -

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Bangladesh on the way to N-power plant

Bangladesh and Russia has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on Wednesday to install a nuclear power plant. Government has termed it as a significant progress to resolve power crisis.

MOU was signed in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh, by the chairman of Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission and deputy director general, Russian State Atomic Energy Commission. It’s aim is peaceful utilisation of nuclear energy and this is the first step towards the installation. Visiting… Continue

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8th International Social Communication Cinema Conference 2009 selected a documentary by Susanta Biswas

The Government of India as a part of its state planning under the eleventh plan is promoting Small and Medium Enterprise to enhance the rural income and ensure rural development. National Afforestation and Eco-development Board as a working body of Ministry of Environment and Forests, is facilitating Joint Forest Management Committees for their sustenance by implementing seven Small and Medium Forest Enterprise pilot projects through its Regional Centres in seven different… Continue

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New! Eldis dossier on health and fragile states

With some of the worst health indicators and the least adequate health services in the world, providing health services and rebuilding health systems in fragile states is a complex undertaking. The Health and Fragile States Dossier highlights the challenges and approaches to delivering health services in fragile states. The Dossier has been developed by the… Continue

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Blair congratulated

The former Prime minister of the United Kingdom was in Rwanda last weekend for the third time since he became the Rwandan President adviser one year ago. As it was said by the President of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, Tony Blair and his team of 9 experts deserve congratulations because of their good work in Rwanda. "Blair and his team are empowering the presidential and the Prime minister staff. Today, the work is becoming easy to accomplish in our offices", announced Paul Kagame.

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Mogadishu is under fighting and violence, Three Somali journalists wounded at press conference place in Mogadishu

Mogadishu is under fighting and violence, Three Somali journalists wounded at press conference place in Mogadishu as fighting intensifies for the fourth day between pro Somali government forces and Islamic insurgence groups.

The Somali Journalist Rights Agency (SOJRA) is to day denounce the injured of three

prominent journalists, Bashiir Khaliif Gani, who worked for Shabelle radio and Abdilnasir Nur Gedi, who worked for Horn Cable TV based in Hargeisa Somaliland and Mohamed Abdi… Continue

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It took quite the determination of the Association of Kenya Medical Laboratory Scientific Officers (AKMLSO) and solidarity of the rest of the African Biomedical Laboratory Science professional associations, coupled with high-powered publicity, marketing and lobbying blitz to convince the International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Science (IFBLS) to award Kenya the rights to host the 29th World Congress of Biomedical Science next year.

And now there's so much euphoria among the… Continue

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Hundreds of journalists gathering in London to learn about climate change and other pressing issues

Come and join hundreds of journalists, scientists and many others at the World Conference of Science Journalists (London - 29 June to 2 July) to hear the latest on the role of the media in communicating issues such as climate change to the masses.

A list of climate-change topics and speakers follows… Details of the conference and other sessions are here -


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Rwanda- 45 hours to work per week

The Rwandese President Paul Kagame declared on the Labor Day that the number of hours to work is going to be extended from 40 to 45 per week.

The decision, as it was said by the President, is to allow people to work longer so that to earn more in other to fight against poverty and reach MDGs soon.

However, employees are not happy as long as their salaries will not be increased.

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Climate Agreement - is it a good investment?

That seem to be the major question for the Industrialised countries that currently are not willing to make a clear statement on their willingsness to finance a climate agreement at the COP15.

Whereas most countries are eager to say that their industries are soaring. But how about turning the argument 180 degrees? The world giant Siemens does that. The German based energy company says that it a global agreement will save us all money - and they see a sales growth of six billion euros… Continue

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