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July 2012 Blog Posts (18)

Important role played by old Tamarind pods in Epilepsy treatment in Indian Traditional Healing

Excerpts from my Jungle Diaries (April 2012 onwards) Part-16

(In continuation of Part-15)

“I am aware of importance of old rice and old wine as promising medicine but I have observed that many Traditional Healers keep Amli (Tamarind) up to many years. I have documented a lot on different aspects of Tamarind as Traditional Medicine but stored Tamarind with the Healers always create big question in my mind?” I was interacting with the Traditional Healers of Sukma…


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Interaction with the Indian Traditional Healers on Forest herb for Eternal Stamina and Vigor

Excerpts from my Jungle Diaries (April 2012 onwards) Part-15

(In continuation of Part-14)

“Last time you informed about 17 medicinal herbs mainly wild tubers for remaining forever young. It is not possible to take all as per schedule prepared by you by living in city but I am trying my best. “I was interacting with the senior native of indigenous cowherd community.

 He is plus 85 years with very good health. His skin is still like the skin of youth. He…


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‘Be tolerant of other people’s views and ideas’

The First Lady Dr. Mrs Ernestina Naadu Mills has asked the youths to learn to be tolerant of other people’s views and ideas and embrace conflict resolution mechanisms in seeking redress to their grievances. This, she noted could help promote healthy and conflict free co-existence. Dr. Mrs Naadu Mills said this when she opened this year’s International Youth Fellowship World Youth Camp at the Good News Mission in Tema Community Twelve. She said peace is the bedrock of a country’s development.…


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Search for Herbal Alternatives for Popular Barrier Device used during Sexual Intercourse

Excerpts from my Jungle Diaries (April 2012 onwards) Part-14

(In continuation of Part-13)

“Tired of using Condoms. Although much research has been done to improve the performance of this barrier device but for me still it is like barrier. I am expecting that the Traditional Healing must have some promising solutions for this.” I was in Cuttack many years back for my presentation on Allelopathic effects of weeds on Rice germination and seedling vigor where fellow…


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Judicious use of Toxic Plants is must in Organic Farming and Traditional Healing

Excerpts from my Jungle Diaries (April 2012 onwards) Part-13

(In continuation of Part-12)

“Its good to see you collecting Datura and Calotropis leaves and stems. How you use it for organic farming?” I asked to the senior native of Ambikapur region of Chhattisgarh.

I was collecting these plants for my experiments on organic pest management in Millet crops mainly Ragi Millet.

 “No, I am not organic farmer. I am Traditional Healer and collecting these…


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Never rely on Online Information for Self Medication through Medicinal Plants

Excerpts from my Jungle Diaries (April 2012 onwards) Part-12

(In continuation of Part-11)

“This is your special gift I was talking about. It is wild tuber and you can consume it right now for its miraculous effects within hour. But if you have another plan then you can keep it for future use.” I was at Marriage ceremony of my friend Ajay.

For special wedding gift I visited to forest and after day long search collected wild tuber for him.

“No, I am…


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Parents less likely to catch colds and flu

CHILDREN bring many things to their parents' lives: happiness, sleepless nights... and viruses. But although parents do catch infections from their kids, it seems parents are also more resistant to colds and flu.

Scientists at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, reviewed three studies in which…


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Interactions with the Indian Traditional Healers on Anti-viral Herbs and Herpes Treatment

Excerpts from my Jungle Diaries (April 2012 onwards) Part-11

(In continuation of Part-10)

“There is no cure of Herpes---. Please focus your research on only Herpes. Search the herbs and herbal Formulations and bring it to my lab. We can go further and one day develop new Formulation. Then there is no need for work life long. Imagine Dr. Oudhia Imagine.” It was response of one of the participants attending International Conference in New Delhi. I was there for…


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CALL FOR APPLICATION: 1st West Africa science journalists conference (WASJC)


1st West Africa science journalists conference (WASJC)

26-28 November 2012, Cotonou, Benin


In order to promote the role of science journalists in science, society and media and a dialogue on the role of science and technology in society and public policy, Benin association of science journalists and communicators will hosts the 1st West Africa Science Journalists Conference…


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Is war in Kachin State a political quagmire of Burma?

As a result of civil war that has taken place for more than six decades has left Burma, one of the most impoverished countries in the world. Burma gained its independence from British colonial rulers in 1948. Unfortunately, the country lost its freedom in 1962 since the military led by the late dictator Gen. Ne Win seized power and smashed all democracy institutions in Burma.

Furthermore, consecutive military regimes slaughtered thousands and thousands of their own citizens…


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That’s how Cornflakes with milk are becoming curse for common people in India.

Excerpts from my Jungle Diaries (April 2012 onwards) Part-10

(In continuation of Part-9)

“Avoid milk in any form. In case of special requirement you can take it small quantity with Haldi.” The Traditional Diabetes Experts were giving instruction to the patient from Nepal.

In general milk in any form is not permitted by the Traditional Healers of Chhattisgarh specially to patients suffering from Diabetes. The combination of milk and Haldi i.e. Curcuma longa…


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Medicinal Soil, Traditional Entomotherapy and Wild Mushrooms for Herb Toxicity

Excerpts from my Jungle Diaries (April 2012 onwards) Part-9

(In continuation of Part-8)

“It seems that the patient is unconscious from three hours. Earlier this morning he was complaining about dullness, dizziness and drowsiness with vomiting and pain in stomach.” I received a phone call from remote village. It was the call of my field assistant.

“From symptoms I am unable to diagnose anything. Please take him to the Traditional Healers or nearby…


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Indian Herbs and Herbal Formulations can protect from Excess Alcohol

Excerpts from my Jungle Diaries (April 2012 onwards) Part-8

(In continuation of Part-7)

“Don’t give rest to your mouth, continue taking wild tubers specially Van Jagmandal Kanda. It is good for health and after end of this visit I will tell you the big secret about it.” I was with the senior Traditional Healer of Gariaband during rainy season.

The forest was flooded and with the help of rocks and tree branches we were crossing it in day time. We were…


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Job Opportunities

2*Senior Experts & 1*Junior in disaster management training


Posted: Jul 6, 2012

Location: Belgium

Languages: English

Deadline: Jul 13, 2012

Organization: EPRD

Sectors: Humanitarian Aid & Emergency, Administration, Statistics, Law, Human Resources, Programme & Resource Management, Finance & Accounting,…


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Important role the Herb Vendors play in Indian Traditional Healing

Excerpts from my Jungle Diaries (April 2012 onwards) Part-7

(In continuation of Part-6

“You are right, continuous travelling is harmful to health. But we are doing it since generations Earlier our ancerstors were travelling on foot but now we travel by bus and public taxis. Our many Healers friends are in remote villages far from modern communication systems. To supply herbs to them we have to travel continuously round the year. We prefer to attend weekly village…


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Selection of Healing vegetables for Mini Kit, Doomar and associated herbs in Indian Traditional Healing

Excerpts from my Jungle Diaries (April 2012 onwards) Part-6

(In continuation of Part-5)

“We are planning to give mini kit to each family. Every kit contains 5 types of vegetables. The plan is to plant it in their homegarden so that they can get fresh pesticide free vegetables. The selected vegetables are of great medicinal value. We have published booklet on home remedies. This booklet describes easy use of these vegetables as medicine in common health troubles.…


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Euphorbia hirta, Compatible Herbs in Indian Traditional Healing and role of wild Ficus

Excerpts from my Jungle Diaries (April 2012 onwards) Part-5

(In continuation of Part-4)

“This weed is collected in bulk by truck drivers. They use it in treatment of Bleeding Piles.” Yesterday I was in Horticulture Nursery and the Head was informing about Euphorbia hirta.

“Yes, this socalled weed is valuable medicine for the Traditional Healers.” I replied. I was taking pictures of the new plants. Later I uploaded it as Anti-migraine plant in my Youtube…


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“The Future We Want

On 20-22 June 2012, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (Rio+20) took place in Rio de Janeiro, capturing global attention and participation. Some 12,000 government and civil society representatives attended the conference, including heads of State and ministers from more than 190 countries. At the conclusion of Rio+20, the outcome document “The Future We Want” was approved and more than 700 pledges of financial support…


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