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Tsunami hit Niuatoputapu (Tonga) ... 9 confirmed dead


At 6:50am, Wednesday 30th September 2009, the island of Niuatoputapu was struck by a 8.3 magnitude earthquake which lasted 20 minutes.

Five minutes after the earthquake the island of Niuatoputapu was hit by the first of 3 large tidal waves at 3 minute intervals measuring at about 6 meters.

The waves moved inland about 600 meters. The largest and the strongest was the last wave.

90% of the houses… Continue

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Tongan Cabinet has decided not to Ratify CEDAW

Ratify CEDAW

Cabinet has decided not to ratify CEDAW, which is The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.

CEDAW is often referred to as a “Bill of Rights” for women. It is the only international instrument that comprehensively addresses women’s rights within political, civil, cultural, economic, and social life. Click here to find out more.

Ratifying (or accepting) CEDAW is the first step in making legislation that… Continue

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Darkest Day in Tonga's Maritime History.

My Island Kingdom of Tonga is still in shocked and in mourning from the loss of lives and for the missing crews and passengers of the MV Princess Ashika that sunk early last Thursday.

I have to say that this tragic loss is what perhaps the darkest day in Tonga's maritime history that struck the heart of a sea-faring people.

The numbers of those who was on board the MV Princess Ashika has increased to 149 with 54 rescued, 28 of those were crew members and 26 were… Continue

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Why we take for granted tsunami warning, earthquakes, volcanic eruption?

Why is it that we Tongan people take for granted tsunami warning, earthquakes and volcanic eruption? Who's to blame for not getting the information out there to the public so that they will know how to prepare themselves when these happens?

On March 20, a major 7.9-magnitude earthquake that struck off the Tonga islands region early Friday triggered a tsunami threatening Tonga, Samoa and Fiji.

A tsunami warning was issued by the Hawaii-based Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre… Continue

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New Minister of Information for Tonga

It has now been approved that Mrs. 'Eseta Fusitu'a the former Secretary for Cabinet and Prime Minister's Office is the New Minister of Information in the Island Kingdom of Tonga.

When she was still working as a Secretary for Cabinet and at the PMO she was one of the few people in government that it was very hard to get information from and she was very good at not giving information. I just can't wait to see what this new appointment will do to the situation of the Media here in… Continue

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