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regional special protocol in technical contribuation in transforming experts and material in emergency cases

Sudan will asign in 30 june the regional protocol in technical contribution for transforming experts and materials, equipments,services in emergency cases in Saudia Arabia.

the protocol is to maintain the enviroment of red sea ,and Aden gulf .
and many countries will asign the protocol ,Sudan ,saudia arabia ,Egypte ,jeoptie ,somalia ,Yemen

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CC causes poverty in Sudan

CC causes poverty in Sudan

Sudan :Nadra Mahdi

She have agolden black colour ,with amagic smile ,and very wonder ful clothes

(Amna baashoom) ,Sudanese female ,38 years old from ,blue Nile state (Baw),

she is farmer .from tribe of( Al Angasana )

Amna is one of the women who world vision organization taught her about climate change to know its effect on their lives.

,in simple words she said (Yes I know it ,CC is changing our lives ,because we… Continue

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we must fight to help africa

It is serious here for the media to help adopted coomon agreement for the africa.that we suffer alot from the CC ,despite we have rich resources but suffer alot from the bad policies that destroy our forests ,our fields,farmers.

we have mny problems about rasing aware ness about is anew Issuse in our country ,but we need to help eaach other .

In my special experience ,Isaw how CC destroy many villages in western Sudan ,because of desterification ,causes ,Immigration ,displased… Continue

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