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Science and Environment Reporting as viewed by Scientists and media practitioners

There is a lot that is not said about the reporting on science and the environment in the privately owned manstream media and public broadcasting . This is an observation emanating from a regional, local as well as global perspective. Social, economic and political issues always take centre stage, with science and the environment relegated to the mid section of the mainstream newspapers and in News Bulletins mentioned in passing. What is happening in the Newsrooms no one knows unless those who are involved in science and environment reporting. The other questions to be asked in this respect is, what role is played by media practitioners, women and men of science to find a common ground of informing their respective communities about the work they are doing and the danger of changes taking place in their regions because of their activities. Is there a breakdown of communication that needs to be mended ? How far is the bridge that still needs to be crossed. What is happening in your community with regards to science and environment reporting ? Are you sure you knopw what is happening in your backyard, beware not to be caught in the middle of nowhere. Let us hear your views ......

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Comment by George Koomson on November 11, 2007 at 17:57
Hello Wandile,
The issues you raise are very relevant. science and environment reporting in Ghana is quite poor but then reporting in general is not very good.
We have had issues of rivers drying up through human activity, unplanned urban development chewing up pristine forests and reducing the quality of air we breathe.
Unfortunately, these issues hardly get a hearing here.
I am hoping to learn more from the discussions.



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