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A Somali journalist family house in Galkacyo town were raided.

A Somali journalist family house in Galkacyo town were raided.

The Somali Journalist Rights Agency (SOJRA) concerns over the armed group who were in search of the Somali journalist, Mr Mohamed Ali Said known as (ASPARO) frequently raided his family’s house in Galkacyo.

His father has finally asked the armed group about their intention (search) over his son, but they replied that it is not his business and continued asking whereabouts of the journalist who in fact was not in the town.

This has increased panic to the family of the journalist who were aware about the Islamist hostility over their son. This is the second attempt by Islamist to assassinate the journalist.

In June, 2008, an armed group attacked the journalist and his wife’s house in Mogadishu causing injury to the wife. The journalist then flees to Kenya, Nairobi.

There has been continuous attack against the Somali journalist in their offices and houses and only last year 9 Somali journalist were killed and thirty others were injured, tortured and arrested by Islamists and government officials.

Two nights ago a well known Somali journalist were kidnapped from his house in Mogadishu and then shot dead just 10 Meters away from his house.

Mohamed Ali Said was working radio Galkacyo from 1993 – 2009 as news producer/reporter.

He was among a group of Somali young people who were advocating the release of the British couple kidnapped in Somali by the pirates. Hence, the journalist believes that pirates are behind the recent raids against him and his family.

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