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‘Be tolerant of other people’s views and ideas’

The First Lady Dr. Mrs Ernestina Naadu Mills has asked the youths to learn to be tolerant of other people’s views and ideas and embrace conflict resolution mechanisms in seeking redress to their grievances. This, she noted could help promote healthy and conflict free co-existence. Dr. Mrs Naadu Mills said this when she opened this year’s International Youth Fellowship World Youth Camp at the Good News Mission in Tema Community Twelve. She said peace is the bedrock of a country’s development. To this end, efforts to promote peaceful coexistence should be commended and appreciated by all well meaning citizens.

The First Lady commended the international youth fellowship for bringing the youth together to discuss of faith, morality and leadership and the promotion of peace and unity among people from various backgrounds. She noted that all over the world violent acts have been associated with the youth and the youths have been used as tools to engineer hostilities especially during election periods. To forestall this she advised the young people to muster the courage to resist people who try to use them to engage in acts that lead to confusion, tension and destruction of lives and property.

Dr. Mrs Naadu Mills said the maintenance of peace and the avoidance of social vices in society must start from the family explaining that if every family lives in peace and harmony devoid of conflicts and bickering, Ghana will be oasis of peace. The First Lady, appealed to all well meaning citizens to complement the efforts of government through the various peace promotion agencies in preserving the peace harmony and democracy the country is currently enjoying.

The Deputy Greater Accra Regional Minister Isaac Vanderpuije said the youths form an important human resource base for national development and government will continue to implement programmes that will encourage them to aspire to higher positions in life.

He said government has demonstrated its commitment to supporting the young people through the appointment of youths to various ministerial and key state agency positions. He stressed the need for the youth who he noted constitute the wealth of the nation not to allow themselves to be used to foment trouble before during and after the December general elections.

The Founder of the International Youth Fellowship Reverend Ock Soo Park said no amount of oil money or revenue from other sources will help the country to develop if the youths are corrupt and uncommitted to the personal and national duties. He said if the hearts of the youth are as he put it rotten then there will be no future for the country. He advised the youths to eschew arrogance and social vices and pursue virtues that lead to progress.

Reverend Park noted that most developed countries have attained their present status without petroleum wealth but with hardwork, incorruptible leaders and honest citizens who demonstrate humility and trust in God. He challenged Ghanaians to take steps to safeguard the peace in the country as development can only thrive in peace and unity.

The Camp will among other things organise seminars and Bible based programmes to empower the youths to engage in peaceful activities to prevent violence in the communities. There were various cultural performances by the groups from Korea, Russia and Ghana with the International Gracia Choir stealing the show with the rendition of some local and international Gospel songs.

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