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CC causes poverty in Sudan

Sudan :Nadra Mahdi

She have agolden black colour ,with amagic smile ,and very wonder ful clothes

(Amna baashoom) ,Sudanese female ,38 years old from ,blue Nile state (Baw),
she is farmer .from tribe of( Al Angasana )
Amna is one of the women who world vision organization taught her about climate change to know its effect on their lives.
,in simple words she said (Yes I know it ,CC is changing our lives ,because we depend on the rains here to agriculture ,some times rain fall heavy and destroy our harvest ,other time it comes little ,we can not find good production ,this affected my family because I am widow and take care of five children .
she said also (when the rain comes little ,our animals can not find grasses to eat ,so we can not find milk for our children ,then they feel sick ,and the animals die it selves ,we have been poor and sick ,of many disease ,some of us move from their places ,Immigrate to find other way to live .
we are rent our children to work with the other people to find some money .
every thing is change by CC.
we do not know how to deal with this ,but we still patient ,may be our responsibilities our organizations can find policies that will reduce the Impact of CC ,and we can live again in our home .
Amna now is one of the benefices of (world vision )organization to cultivate vegetables and sell it in the market to Increase her come and help her family ,she love her work and feel satisfied about it because the organization buy the seed from her after the harvest
her smile comes from the hope that every thing will change if we know the problem and try to solve it as the CC is main Issue in their lives

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