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I don’t think that passing very bad time for free expression .Even west is passing good time. We are near us & better time is coming soon in south Asia. But I am not happy to so called free write to information act which is shout of south Asians governments like Bangladesh. The governments are showing & shouting ``No problem.. media is free. We have created write to information act. Any journalist will get any information & publish or broadcast it’s freely.” But reality is not like that in any south Asian countries. Although we have many media & channels now but we have to work many barriers & unwritten control.

But I see the others way of free expression. That is raising social media & citizen journalism. Tropical Journalists are wait to show critical true news & information in many times but bloggers, citizen journalist are not wait to publish this on social media like facebook.

An example A Bangladeshi prominent journalist couple Shagor Sharower & Meherun Runy murdered in Dhaka in their bed room recently. But police did not find any clue & don’t arrest any of killers after three weeks. All journalist organizations protest it jointly on the road.. we are crying & angry against government. But no result .In the mean time bloggers are not sleeping. They are sough ting against government & police. Some bloggers has posted some clue & killers name. I think it may true or not in future. But it may some clue & creates more presser to government. Because of bloggers are not controlled by the government. They don’t care about this. They opposed government unusual talk, comments, political unhappy debate even opposed government some decision on the facebook. But these are not hues number at the time.

I am feeling Bangladesh is changing like many other countries. I believe day by day bloggers quantity is rising. It is light of future. We have to optimistic. Social media & citizen journalist are stab list write to information & free expression. I think we should have open new windows for them. We can arrange training for bloggers , citizen journalists, interested rural & remote citizens. We can create network for them.We can take awareness build up program for them about digital tools, social media. At least we can blogging about digital tools & social media & how to change by it in many countries.

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