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How will Africa Move to Green Revolution and Feed Scientists Tactics?

How will Africa Move to Green Revolution and Feed Scientists Tactics?

Africa faced many challenges which are unresolved currently such as the climate change, poverty, droughts and the lack of peace in few countries. In addition to that Africa is still suffering the reflections on the above mentioned dilemma and needs desperately to make rid off but her weak activities attracted the well-wishers attention globally.

Indeed, the above stated predicaments were also caused death displacement and reduce the food production in Africa widely. The population growth in Africa is also an additional obstacle against the continental development and her hope to green revolution.

In general, Africa hopes to move in green revolution although there is a few countries which are not able to take part the ongoing efforts and negotiations. Indeed there is a widespread activity from African society and their leaders as well as the developed countries in order to make sure the green revolution in Africa.

Besides, there is a media strengthening towards the green revolution in Africa although there is a little bit of misunderstanding among all the above mentioned groups.

But wait, there’s’ more. the Media21Geneva which is a network of the global media along with journalists and based in Geneva, Switzerland organized a workshop for the food security and climate issues in Africa on 12th to 16th April, 2010 with field trip April 5-11 in Kenya and participated by 38 journalists from whole Africa and few journalists from outside Africa and supported by World Meteorological Organization (WMO), Bio-vision a Swiss-based foundation for the promotion of sustainable development and African Insect Science for Food and Health (ICIPE, Nairobi).

The field trip was really tremendous field trip and absolutely fantastic. At least, 28 journalists were profited that field trip and they was also acknowledged the forgotten and neglected activities on the ground and from the African community, local NGOs and international NGOs in the continent.

These journalists were visited three districts in Kenya and few projects of Bio-vision and ICIPE as well as the fishers at the greater lake in Africa namely “Lake-Victoria”. They were interviewed the people they met and the society of the above named districts was absolutely courageous, well organized and well-open-minded.

During, their tour of duty, Dr. Zeyaur Khan who is ICIPE scientist was accompanied and explained the current and past problems against the farms and farming process in Africa generally. The most enlightening system which is new in Africa was “push-pull technology” and this system is useful to the farming and where there is a poor agricultural concert.

The push–pull technology is a strategy for controlling agricultural pests by using repellent "push" plants and trap "pull" plants. For example, cereal crops like maize or sorghum are often infested by stem borers. Grasses planted around the perimeter of the crop attract and trap the pests, whereas other plants, like Desmodium, planted between the rows of maize repel the pests and control the parasitic plant striga.

If Africa farmers adopt the using this Push-pull Technology system and their governments start to boost this system it’s really grantee that Africa will make sure her hope on green revolution. Africa needs to develop her farmers and feed the experience of her scientists in order to resolve all the impacts from the above stated problems.

Simultaneously, Africa is waiting for her society and leaders to wake up so as to move green revolution and increase her food production as well as develop her agricultural system.

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