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journalist in the camp complained 4 years of no development and frustration

A Somali journalist in the camp complained 4 years of no development and frustration.

The Somali Journalist Rights Agency (SOJRA) would like to make public and focus the current livelihoods on Somali exiled journalists in greater horn of Africa and in the world.

I did not gaining any thing for this long period, just frustration said reporter Omar Abukar Ahmed known as “Gaardi” who was also worked for radio Galgacyo based in Mudug region of Puntland. He continued and said UNHCR has assisted me only a ration card which I don’t even benefit as I am single (because I am given a food that is not enough for single person but may be good as family) and kept me here in Kakuma refugee camp where I lost even my previous knowledge and thinking.

I am 25, male, dreaming to learn more in my field and work hard to contribute to the world for peace and living together in harmony, but how the phenomenon is showing I will lose more years here in the camp as I am not different from a growing monkey and should I don’t get assistance for my future there will be a time that I will not be able to learn anything or contribute any thing and finally die.

SOJRA hopes UNHCR will change its position of media people losing their future in the camps and thinking develops modalities supporting young talented in the camp.

SOJRA Information Desk

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