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Minister of youth in the Joyce Banda led administration Enoch Chihana has promised the long awaited National Youth Policy , a document likely to give direction on how country's youths can effectively take part in various development initiatives.

53 percent of Malawi's total population comprises of youths, most of them below the age of 20.

Millions of youths, remain unemployed and can hardly access higher education.

A recent Southern and Eastern Youth Conference which took place in the country's Main capital Lilongwe and attracted over 300 delegates from 11 african countries commended Malawi government for the "bold" decission.

One of the participants said" politicians are unpredicatble, one month is not far we are here, lets wait and see".

Another participant from Malawi thinks the coming in of the policy means more commitment from authorities." Its a true sign of commitment and what remains is the fuel that can drive the whole policy and finances is one of them" she concluded.

Chairperson of the organising committe Caleb Thole said next is action, action and more action "we have plenty of resolutions and what we need are resources to go flat out". This was a very big conference, the first ever, and we the youths have demonstrated that we can do big things if given what it takes' Thole added.

Once enacted the youth policy will help create a platfrom where youths and government can fully adress issues that directly affect them including Job creation.

Currently alot of youths, in school or out school are used or abused by politicians mainly during campaign times and are  dumped as soon as their masters kiss the corridors of power.

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