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My Experiences with Cancer Prevention and Cure: Excerpts from Field Diaries of Pankaj Oudhia Part-1

My Experiences with Cancer Prevention and Cure: Excerpts from Field Diaries of Pankaj Oudhia  Part-1


“You are free to take any thing but strictly avoid Turmeric (Haldi, Curcuma longa) in any form.” I was in Southern Chhattisgarh where the Traditional Cancer Experts were instructing the cancer patients from North India.

It may be shocking information for the beginners but it is bare fact that many Healers strictly instruct t cancer patients to avoid Haldi i.e. Turmeric in any form. Turmeric is an integral art of Indian cuisine and it is difficult for common Indians to avoid Haldi in their routine diet. And Haldi is well known since generations as sure cure for many diseases including different types of cancer. Then how these Healers are giving such odd instructions?

But in general patients get no reply from Healers and in most of the cases when they return to Healers after one month Healers directly ask whether they have taken Haldi or not during taking the medicines. If patients reply  in yes  then they stop giving medicines and request them to take services of other Healers.

It is very rude behavior and it cannot be expected from Healers but it is not their fault. While documenting over 35,000 Tribal Herbal Medicines for Cancer Prevention and Cure I noted that that in hundreds of promising formulations use of all types of Haldi is restricted. All types of Haldi means Wild Haldi (Jungli Haldi, Curcuma aromatica), Black Haldi (Kali Haldi, Curcuma caesia), Mango Haldi (Amba Haldi, Curcuma amada) etc. The Healers are aware that use of Haldi in even small quantity can aggravate the problem and it spoils the hard work of cancer cure within no time.

I have observed the case of terminally ill patient of Spindle Cell Carcinoma of Oral Cavity. He was getting much benefit from treatment and Herbal Medicines were successful in breaking the 4 year old tumor. But as patient took Haldi in Diet the tumors started spreading very rapidly. When He approached to the Healers, it was too late.

When in Internet or in any International Conference  researchers make big claims about Haldi and Cancer Cure I humbly mention  this specific Traditional Knowledge and suggest them to avoid recommending anything blindly to cancer patients without knowing the other food items and medicines he or she is taking.

While documenting the Traditional Knowledge about herbs and herbal formulations given to cancer patients only during morning hours I interacted with the Traditional Cancer Expert practicing near Bengaluru having never ending queue of patients. YouTube has made him very popular. He informed that he is aware of the Formulations having restriction on use of Haldi but he is not using it in the practice.

“It is inevitable for common Indians as without Haldi their daily life is incomplete. “ He uses tree bark based herbal formulations with very less restriction in food items.

But restriction of Haldi is not as tough as it looks. I have documented over 200 cases where patients got  benefit from such Herbal Formulations with total restriction on Haldi.

In Semecarpus anacardium based Herbal Formulations used by the Traditional Healers of Central India the use of Haldi is restricted. Semecarpus based Formulations are used with much success in treatment of Carcinoid Tumors of Lung.

The Traditional Cancer Experts of Rajasthan use Crotalaria based Herbal Formulations for treatment of Breast Cancer. The use Haldi is restricted while taking these Formulations.

The Traditional Healers of Jharkhand use Medicinal Orchids based Herbal Formulations for treatment of Thyroid cancer . They use over 15 types of wild orchids in single Formulation  While using these Formulations intake of Haldi is restricted in any form.

In Medicinal Insect based Traditional Formulations of Manipur the Healers strictly instruct the patients to avoid both cultivated as well as wild Haldi.  They informed about over 300 failed cases when patients ignored their instruction,

While interacting with the young Healers of Nepal using these Formulations for treatment of vulvar cancer I shocked to note that they are not aware of restriction on Haldi while using these Formulations. They are giving these Formulations and patients are not getting benefit. I shared the information collected from different parts of India but they showed no interest in it.

The Traditional Healers of Gandhamardan Hills of Odisha are having expertise in treatment of different types of cancer. During my visit to the region during year 1999 I got opportunity to interact with the senior Healers having expertise in treatment of blood cancer. They were using Mitragyna based Herbal Formulations successfully. They informed that patient must avoid Amba Haldi (Curcuma amada) in any form while using their Formulations.  There were no restriction on use of other types of Turmeric. They informed that when they use Woodfordia based Herbal Formulations for terminally ill patients  the use of all types of Haldi is restricted. These Healers are not with us now but their knowledge is in practice by young Healers. Unfortunately they are not much aware of such restrictions. As a results the number of patients is decreasing at alarming rates.


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(Pankaj Oudhia is working on Tribal Herbal Medicines for Cancer Prevention and Cure since year 1990. He has presented his research work through Movies of over 1000 Hours duration. You can search “PankajOudhiaCancerCure” in Google for details. His email id is 

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