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My Experiences with Cancer Prevention and Cure: Excerpts from Field Diaries of Pankaj Oudhia Part-2

My Experiences with Cancer Prevention and Cure: Excerpts from Field Diaries of Pankaj Oudhia  Part-2


“It is serious. You must visit to Nagpur to see my mother. She is terminally ill patient of cancer”  Late night I received a call from Nagpur.

“Are you aware that I am not a Doctor?” I asked.

“Yes sir we have seen your work on Cancer Prevention and Cure. That is why as last resort we are inviting you. We are ready to arrange vehicle anytime and also ready to pay your consultation charges. “ A young but tense voice came from other side.

I decided to start for Nagpur within hour.

It was a case of last stage of breast cancer. Her age was 61. They have tried all available medicines and therapies to save her life and as written earlier as a last resort called to me.

I found her in very bad condition in hospital.

“ Loose motions and vomiting are very frequent and her condition is deteriorating very rapidly. “ Her husband explained.

I requested for the list of medicines she was taking.

“Not much  medicines sir but only one medicine from the Ayurveda Expert of Chhindwara.   The expert claims that vomiting and loose motions are due to his remedies and it purifies the body by flushing out the toxins.” I was informed.

After convincing them I applied by Herbal Formulations in soles of her feet and within 10 minutes she started feeling bitterness in tongue. The result was shocking but encouraging. The vital force of patient was good and her condition must not be worst as looking. 

The problem was not due to cancer but due to wrong medications.

In Indian Traditional Healing there are tens of herbs used for Vaman (Induced Vomiting) and Virechan (Induced Purgation).  But these herbs are always given under supervision of expert Healers. In rural and forest areas of India the Traditional Healers arrange long stay of patients near to their village so that they can take care of patients in case of severe vomiting and loose motions due to Emetic Herbs and Purgatives.  In general they start giving anti-cancer Herbal Medicines after purification of body. But they never give it up to long time and on daily basis.

These days I have observed that the Modern Experts are giving these herbs even to patients coming from far places. And in general they interact with patients once in a month. No interaction even with the relatives of patients before next appointment. In this way their treatment becomes curse for the patients.

“I feel that by stopping these medicines patient can get rid of vomiting and loose motions and feel much better.” I suggested to her husband.

“It will be better if you interact with the Expert of Chhindwara because before next Appointment we are not allowed to stop this medicine.” He replied.

“I am not in touch with him. You are already taking his medicines with full faith and even after knowing the fact that patient’s condition is deteriorating not due to cancer but due to medicines . In this case I am not going to do anything.” I replied in strong words.

I returned back and few days later I received the sad news of patient’s death. Not due to cancer but due to severe dehydration.

It is not a rare case. I receive calls and messages from cancer patients around the world and frequently note the cases of induced vomiting and purgation in case of terminally ill patients. The never ending list of such cases forced me to write about it through present series.

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(Pankaj Oudhia is working on Tribal Herbal Medicines for Cancer Prevention and Cure since year 1990. He has presented his research work through Movies of over 1000 Hours duration. You can search “PankajOudhiaCancerCure” in Google for details. His email id is 

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