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My Experiences with Cancer Prevention and Cure: Excerpts from Field Diaries of Pankaj Oudhia Part-3

My Experiences with Cancer Prevention and Cure: Excerpts from Field Diaries of Pankaj Oudhia  Part-3

Few years back I received phone call from neighboring state Odisha. I was in Mumbai for taking care of 40 years old Cancer patient at so-called terminal stage.


“Pankaj Sir, my son is having Thyroid cancer and he is terminally ill. We were in Mumbai  last week where famous Oncologists failed to cure my son and we returned back to our village for his last days. I searched net and found your address. We are ready to come to Raipur but son’s condition is not good for travelling in rural roads.”


I requested him to send all medical reports at my email address. After going through these reports I called him and explained that I am not a Doctor , just documenting Traditional Medicinal Knowledge about herbs and herbal formulations used in treatment of different types of cancer.  Many expert Healers are in my touch. Please allow me to introduce your case to them.


He asked for the list of Healers. After few hours he insisted me to visit at least once to see the patient. He arranged comfortable vehicle for my travel.  I reached to his village after many hours of journey in dusty road. He was richest person in the village and living in big house.


As I entered in house I felt typical sharp smell of cancerous wound. When it became intolerable I requested him to use incense sticks. Patient was in very bad condition. I tried to interact with him and requested to be energetic for few simple tests.


I started preparing decoction of medicinal herbs I collected during my Ethnobotanical surveys. After cooling it down patient was requested to dip his legs up to knee s. My focus was on his palms, eyes and face. Very soon  the miraculous effect of decoction was visible on patient’s eyes and palms.


The test was over.


 “Is this a one time treatment as sure cure for cancer?” Patient’s father asked.


 “Not at all. It is mere test and it has nothing to do with Cancer Treatment.” I replied in strong words.


“So what is the result? My son will get rid of this deadly disease or not?” Patient’s father asked with much eagerness.


“Whether any type of treatment is in continuation?” I asked.


“No, no one is ready to take this case. And we are waiting for worst situation. “ I got reply in low voice.


Patient was of 43. Married and having two children.


“At this stage it is very difficult to give any medicine orally.   I have some herbal formulations used externally. I wish to go to nearby rice fields for collection of some more herbs.” I said.


In two hours of time I collected enough herbs for next three days. 


“I will stay here for three days and use my external medicines.” I said and noted sign of relief in his face but also there was a big question in his mind.


“Are you sure that only external medicines will work in such advanced stage?” He finally asked after much hesitation.


“We have no other option.” I replied.


I prepared three types of powder and instructed the care taker of patient to apply it thrice in a day in soles of patients till drying.


“Wash it after drying and inform me if there is any positive sign of improvement. “ I instructed.


My work was over but I have to wait till the appetence of first sign of improvement. I decided to meet the village head. He was a senior person.



I showed interest in Traditional Rice specially Medicinal Rice. In Cancer Prevention and Cure Medicinal Rice types play a vital role and many herbal formulations are considered incomplete without these Medicinal Rice. I have written a lot about use of Asian Medicinal Rice in treatment of different diseases both internally as well as externally.


The village chief informed me about valuable Traditional Rice including Green Rice and Black Rice. I replied that although you are considering these unique rice types as Traditional Types but according to my database these are valuable Medicinal Rice type and two of them can save the life of cancer patient of his own village.


I requested him to arrange seeds of key Medicinal Rice so that I can grow it in my village and use it for the cancer patients. I was ready to pay the charges but  He arranged the seeds as gift. I explained him about the Medicinal Properties and uses of these Rice for future use.


While passing through the bunds of rice fields I observed heavy infestation of Alien invasive weed species Parthenium hysterophorus commonly known as Gajar ghas.


“It is headache for us.” The village head informed.


 I suggested him simple methods  to manage this weed in wasteland and crop fields and also informed about its medicinal uses developed by the Traditional Healers of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh specially in treatment of skin diseases.


“There were few mosquitoes in our village but after introduction of summer rice the population of mosquitoes has increased and Malaria is common in village even after the steps taken by local administration.” The village chief informed. I suggested some medicinal herbs used in my area to prevent Malaria and associated troubles.


After long 12 hours when patient’s father approached to me till that time there was no sign of improvement but patient was showing interest in on-going treatment.  


The night at village was so peaceful. I started thinking about my golden days with the traditional healers of Bastar during my student life. They were famous for using only external medicines and according to them one can cure almost all diseases with the help of external medicines. There is no need for internal medicines.


I visited to dense forest with them during stay and worked as assistant and co-healer and attended hundreds of cancer patients coming from different parts of the world with full faith.


I carefully recorded  successful  cases and reasons responsible for failed cases. I also noted the merits and demerits of thousands of Herbal and Medicinal Insect based Formulations used externally by them for treatment of cancer patients even at terminal stage. Today these Healers are not with us. I never thought two decades back that one day I have to use this Important Traditional Medicinal Knowledge on patients like this one in order to save his life specially when all available therapies fail to heal him.


Next morning continuous knocks  disturbed my sleep. I opened the door of guest room.


“Sir, there are some positive signs.  He is feeling energetic and moving in room without any support. “  Patient’s father informed and it made my day. I started preparing stronger Formulations for external application.


Giving the Herbal Medicines for 15 days I returned back. After three months of initial response I suggested internal medicines and instructed the local Healer to give it under strict supervision as it is not possible for me to visit the village frequently.


It is blessings of Healers having expertise in using External medicines for cancer that the patient is still living happily after so many years.


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(Pankaj Oudhia is working on Tribal Herbal Medicines for Cancer Prevention and Cure since year 1990. He has presented his research work through Movies of over 1000 Hours duration. You can search “PankajOudhiaCancerCure” in Google for details. His email id is 

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