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My Experiences with Cancer Prevention and Cure: Excerpts from Field Diaries of Pankaj Oudhia Part-4

My Experiences with Cancer Prevention and Cure: Excerpts from Field Diaries of Pankaj Oudhia  Part-4

In Indian Traditional Healing lots of Herbs and Herbal Formulations are known for its tumor breaking properties and I have used many of them successfully specially in cases of Oral Cancer.  But the use of these herbs and herbal formulations are not a child’s play. You can not use the same formulation in all patients. 


Few years back I was called to Pune to take care of terminally ill cancer patient. Gutkha eating was responsible for cancer of this 25 Year young patient.  He was not in hospital but in home as Cancer Experts surrendered in front of disease and they advised his parents to keep him happy in last days.


After studying the medical reports I interacted with patient’s father up to many hours. Then I decided to see the patient in Pune.


“I am not a doctor but based on my knowledge about herbs and herbal formulations used for Cancer Prevention and Cure I will try to save the precious life.” I said to his father.


“We know it sir as it is also mentioned in your email reply.” I got reply.


Before interacting the patient  as per my wish his father arranged meeting with the family Oncologist.


“There is no hope in this case Pankaj. ” The humble Oncologist said.


As usual I requested to perform some simple tests by applying herbal mixture on soles of feet in order to know the vitality and disease fighting ability of patient. The tests were satisfactory.


“Please give me the list of medicines he is taking.” I requested and very soon the list was in my hand.


He was talking Morphine Sulphate for intense pain and a herbal medicine from Malaysia.


“Sir, it is wonder medicine. The seller of this medicine claims that in few doses in one week it can completely cure the Oral Cancer.  You must search in Internet for this wonder medicine.”  Patient’s Uncle said.


I was aware of this medicine from Malaysia. It is sold through Network marketing in India and marketed by saying that it is sure cure for all types of cancer.  This medicine is made of two fruit extracts Pyrus and Prunus. I searched it on Internet and found that in their website they make no such claims. Claims are spread through mouth publicity.


“From how many days patient is taking this medicine?” I asked.


“From many months sir.” I got reply.


“But you said earlier that it can cure cancer in few days then why it is taking long time? I asked again.


“No idea sir but if there is no benefit then also there is no harm in taking this wonder medicine.” He replied.


“How much you have wasted in this product with no result?” I was eager to know.


“Thousands sir. One dose is of two to three thousand rupees. Three doses in a day is normal recommendation. “ This time the reply was from patient’s father.


In India there is huge market of so-called wonder medicines specially from Malaysia and Thailand and people associated with are ready to make more and more money from dying patients and their families. Be aware of such cheatings.


Back to patient. Sitting in a guest room alone I listed out 360 Tumor Breaking Herbs from my mind. Finally after many hours of thinking I selected top 10 herbs but the patient’s condition was not so good to administrate these tumor breaking medicines.


These Herbs at first make the Tumor soft and then it comes out from mouth in small pieces. It comes out without any pain and bleeding. But if patients exert any force to remove the outcoming pieces it results in severe bleeding and this is a big constraint in using such herbs. In case of terminally ill patients loss of blood is life threatening. No one can take risk. And tumor breaking herbs break it slowly up to long time and in many days to many months complete tumor removal happens. In cancer patients at first and second stages basically the Traditional Cancer Experts at first take care of patient’s general health. When patients become healthy then tumor breaking medicines are given in different doses. Doses are increased as well as decreased as per the health of patient. At these stages the Healers get success in most of the cases. But in case of terminally ill patient  it is always  difficult to take decision.


I explained the problem to the patient’s father. He insisted that if there is medicine then one must take risk. I selected one herb. It was in powdered form.


“You can give one pinch of powder with tepid water four times a day with no restriction on diet.  I am staying in Pune for four days with hope that it will work.” I instructed. 


“And please clearly explain the patient to not to apply any kind of force or pressure in order to expel the broken piece/s of tumor.” I warned.


I took two days. I was informed that one small piece is hanging outside mouth and patient is trying to remove it. When I reached to the patient the piece was in table and there was bleeding from detached part.


“Why you applied force?” I shouted in anger and applied styptic herbs collected from house lawn.


“I am no longer ready to take the risk as patient is not cooperating. “ I conveyed my decision.


In response to their humble requests I continued the treatment but very soon same thing happended. Tumor was coming out in pieces but patient was not coopertaing. I stopped  it and returned back.   



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(Pankaj Oudhia is working on Tribal Herbal Medicines for Cancer Prevention and Cure since year 1990. He has presented his research work through Movies of over 1000 Hours duration. You can search “PankajOudhiaCancerCure” in Google for details. His email id is 

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