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My Experiences with Cancer Prevention and Cure: Excerpts from Field Diaries of Pankaj Oudhia Part-5

My Experiences with Cancer Prevention and Cure: Excerpts from Field Diaries of Pankaj Oudhia  Part-5

“You know Cannabis oil, Coconut oil, Dandelion, Telia Kand, Baking Soda, Frankincense oil, Apple cider vinegar (ACV) etc.  have nothing to do with Cancer Cure. There is marketing strategy to extract money from dying people. I feel that they are more dangerous than big pharma companies and Modern Medical Experts. If you are interested in Life Saving Herbs used since generations you are welcome for serious discussion. Best Wishes..”

I posted this warning message to different Facebook groups discussing and researching alternative treatments of cancer. These groups are dominated by fake members who post as cancer patient and few days after promote their products as experts. There sole purpose is to blame Modern Medicinal Science to gain sympathies of cancer patients and then sell their products even more dangerous than Chemo and Radiation.

In response to blind promotion of Baking Soda as a medicine for Cancer I posted these lines from Wikipedia.

“Some alternative practitioners, such as Tullio Simoncini, have promoted baking soda as a cancer cure, which the American Cancer Society has warned against due to both its unproven effectiveness and potential danger in use.”

I added that you are killing the cancer patients for money. She replied that how I am killing cancer patients? I replied that by suggesting the use of Dangerous chemical openly in respected global forum. It is crime and it should be banned for sake of cancer patients already suffering a lot. As a result of this hot discussion very soon I lost my membership to the Facebook group. No problem I have different forums to address this key issue. Although it is not feasible but if possible Facebook must stop such illegal activities from their platform. 

While treating Spindle Cell Carcinoma of Kidney the Traditional Cancer Experts in India use 130 days schedule for patients. The treatment is carried out under strict supervision of the Healers specially when patients are terminally ill. They use hundreds of herbs and herbal formulations both internally as well as externally up to 130 days and based on the progress proceed further.

They have tens of herbs and herbal formulations used only during morning hours and also herbs and herbal formulations for moon and evening hours. They are practicing this knowledge since time immemorial and adding new knowledge in order to use this knowledge in their day today life. This is the reasons the cancer patients from different corners of the world approach to them and get relief.

It is really surprising that how Cannabis oil, Baking Soda, Apple Cider Vinegar or Frankincense oil alone can cure cancer as claimed in different forums by the promoters. It seems that they are absolutely not aware of cancer.

Cannabis is used as medicines since time immemorial in Indian Traditional Healing. It is a medicine but nor panacea. There are limitations in its use and you will be surprised to know that Cannabis in any form is restricted while using over 15000 anti-cancer herbal formulations. Before using Cannabis the Healers perform certain tests to confirm patients body is able to tolerate Cannabis or not  In Internet Cannabis is openly recommend as sure cure for all types of cancer. These blind promoters are not less than Mass murderers.

In India through Network marketing Frankincense oil from Global market has reached to the poor tribals fighting with deadly cancer. It is costly product for them and they are assured that cancer will be cured in few doses by using it.

This June I interacted with cancer patient from far Bastar region.  Instead of consulting local healers he believed on the whatsapp message of his son doing job in Metro. He was taking Frankincense oil for six months and paid a lot for it/ There was no sign of improvement in his cancer and his condition was deteriorating at alarming rate.


I visited to jungle near to his village and collected the gum of Boswellia and informed that Frankincense oil you are purchasing by wasting lots of money is prepared from gum of Saliha tree. You can get it free from forest. Then why you are investing in costly products? His son was on shocking stage as he wasted thousands of rupees unnecessarily.

It is well said that Market of Cancer is more lethal than cancer itself.    


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(Pankaj Oudhia is working on Tribal Herbal Medicines for Cancer Prevention and Cure since year 1990. He has presented his research work through Movies of over 1000 Hours duration. You can search “PankajOudhiaCancerCure” in Google for details. His email id is 

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