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Pancreatic Cancer: Negative Drug Reaction between Cancer Drug Erlotinib and Kashi Tree Bark- Consultation on Cancer Prevention and Cure by Pankaj Oudhia

Pancreatic Cancer:  Negative Drug Reaction between Cancer Drug Erlotinib and Kashi Tree Bark-  Consultation on Cancer Prevention and Cure by Pankaj Oudhia   

Treatment of cancer patients when modern cancer treatments fail to show any sign of improvement is very difficult. After modern cancer treatments the patients immune system becomes very weak and besides treating cancer the Traditional Healers have to focus on  making the immune system strong again.  


When Modern Drugs are given with Traditional Medicines many times it results in Negative Drug Reactions. The cases of Negative Drug Reactions are becoming common these days as Cancer patients are taking variety of Medical Treatments including self medications.


You can patient of Pancreatic Cancer and terminally ill. Modern experts are treating you with Erlotinib and associated medicines. But your cancer is spreading.


You are also taking Herbal Treatment with the help of Traditional Healer of Rajasthan. Presently you are facing problem of severe stomach pain. You weight is decreasing rapidly and you are also having mouth sores.


You  have taken appointment for discussion on these issues. I will try my best to help you.


I have checked the medicines you are taking from the Traditional Healer. He is giving ten types of tree barks including the tree bark of Kashi tree.


 In general Kashi trees growing in stressed condition are not selected for collection of bark by the Healers. But when it is done by mistake and used in Herbal Formulations it results in many health problems.


Stomach pain, mouth sores and weight loss are well known side effects of your cancer drug.  But severity is due to Negative Drug Interaction of  Erlotinib and Kashi tree bark.


I suggest you to stop using Kashi tree bark. You will get rid of these troubles to great extent.


I have interacted with your Traditional Healer through phone and requested him to avoid collecting bark from tree in stress.


He informed that his son is performing this task and he is not much aware of traditional collection methods. He accepted the fault.


 I also suggested your Healer to add Karhi bark in place of Kashi bark in order to avoid Negative Drug Reaction with Erlotinib.


My Best Wishes are with you.


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