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Pankaj Oudhia on Medicinal Rice for Lagerstroemia Root Toxicity, Epilepsy curing Pipiribas Rice and Encyclopedia on Oryza

Pankaj Oudhia on Medicinal Rice for Lagerstroemia Root Toxicity, Epilepsy curing Pipiribas Rice and Encyclopedia on Oryza

 Pankaj Oudhia

In hundreds of Traditional Herbal Formulations used for treatment of different diseases Lagerstroemia roots are added as important ingredient. Lagerstroemia is collected from wild at different stages of plant growth and used in Herbal Formulations. Although Ancient literature related to different systems of medicines give very few information about this important medicinal species but in Traditional Healing of India specially of Chhattisgarh and Odisha the roots are used most commonly. The Traditional Healers have in depth Traditional Medicinal Knowledge about herbs and herbal solutions used to enrich Lagerstroemia roots with desired medicinal properties. From many hours to many years wild populations of this species are treated with Herbs and Herbal Solutions before use in Herbal Formulations.

The Traditional Healers are aware of toxicity of Lagerstroemia roots but in many cases they continue to give it to the patients because they know tens of antidotes to manage this Toxicity. Since year 1990 I have collected information about thousands of Herbal Formulations used to manage Lagerstroemia Root Toxicity. The Healers of different regions use different Formulations. Based on the condition of the patients specially age and vitality they add or delete herbs from the Formulations.

Different types of Indigenous Rice specially Medicinal Rice play vital role in these Formulations. For example please see this Video

<iframe src="" width="640" height="480" frameborder="0" webkitallowfullscreen="true" mozallowfullscreen="true" allowfullscreen></iframe>


 in which over 120 potential Formulations are displayed. All Formulations are Folk Oryza based Formulations. There Formulations act in miraculous ways and provide great relief to the patients suffering from Lagerstroemia Toxicity.

Last week I interacted with many Traditional Healers of Odisha using Folk Rice Formulations to manage the Root Toxicity of different medicinal plants. This interaction enriched my knowledge and also my database.

Oryza is well researched species but still I feel that many aspects of this important species are still waiting for thorough research and investigation. Unfortunately routine research works are in progress on Oryza and very few researchers are working on its unique aspects. I have documented Traditional Knowledge about over 1 millions Herbal Formulations in which Oryza is added as important ingredient. Most of these Formulations are now online in form of pictures, videos and audio Files. I am expecting that young researchers will take initiative to carry forward this important work.

A group of senior Farmers from Konkan region presented me many types of Folk Rice seeds and explained its use in Traditional Healing of their region. I presented many of these seeds to researcher friends. Yesterday they informed that many types are having low glycemic index and can be given to the patients suffering from Diabetes.

Pipiribas is Traditional Rice once cultivated in India. From last 20 years I am collecting information and Traditional Knowledge about this Rice in different parts of India. The Traditional Healers of many regions informed that this Rice is rich in valuable medicinal properties. I have over 5000 Herbal Formulations in my database that are considered incomplete without this Rice. The Healers of Odisha informed that in early days it was used in treatment of Epilepsy in combination of different herbs. They claimed that after disappearance of this Rice now they are managing the Epilepsy rather than providing cure for it. In case of Ficus Root Toxicity the Traditional Healers were using Pipiribas and associated Rice and Rice weeds. I have collected 120 types of Pipiribas from different parts of India all are not same even in physical appearance. They are entirely different in terms of medicinal properties and uses.    


Through interactions and online research articles I am encouraging young farmers and entrepreneurs to take interest in Medicinal Rice. I got much success in motivating rich Farmers to conserve Traditional Medicinal Rice in their farmlands but for small farmers due to limitation of resources even after initial positive response they refuse to grow it their land. In remote areas farmers are still growing Medicinal Rice but they are not aware that their Rice types are of great importance for modern society. They grow it for their family and labors and in case of urgency sell it in throw away price. I wish to purchase it from them and arrange good buyers for them so that they can continue growing these Medicinal Rice for future generations.

Few months back members of reputed Non-governmental Organization working on Food Security interacted with me and asked that they have complete list of Rice present in major Rice Germplasm centers of the world, whether I can identify the Medicinal Rice from that exhaustive list? I replied that it can be done but it must be done in systematic manner with the consent of all the stakeholders. This valuable knowledge must not be misused. This unique Knowledge can save millions of lives every year and change the Global Trend of Rice Farming.

Not waiting for people to join my mission to document Traditional Medicinal Knowledge about Oryza I am continuing the work without any sponsorship. After preparing Encyclopedia of Tribal Medicines now I am planning to prepare Encyclopedia on Medicinal Rice. Over 800 hours of Films are already online. The only need is to present all the knowledge through single platform.


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© Pankaj Oudhia


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