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POEM: Brilliant Beasts,Ghosts of our Land

The Brilliant Beasts, Ghosts of our Land

By Idris Katib

Peace of our land they plunder
And tear the fabrics of our joy
Only to put all and sundry asunder
In the manner of their ploy

The religion they hide under -5
For which they commit homicide
Brought knowledge as the first guide
Yet they live in the great blunder
That the way true is suicide

They seem to be read yet not well read -10
To come to terms that killing of one life
In the sight of the Most High
Is just like exterminating the entire life

The indoctrination of this political madness
Hovers above our clime sadness -15
The doctrine is masked as religious madness
The ideology reeks of self-centeredness
Just to disintegrate our national oneness

They are sophisticated but with nature of beasts
These ghosts are sophisticated beasts -20
Who have torched every segment
-our schools,our parks, our offices...
And our worship houses

Many victims have fallen to the beasts
Ocean of blood as their feasts -25
Even when war-mongers take to their heels
Blood of humans not of yeasts
We say all enough of these beasts

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