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The years I have continued to spent journalism practice, had brought me to face, in comtemporary society dotted with rural life,with deprived and deprieved people.Seen their exclusion from government as they wallow in poverty and experience poor state of social amenities. It brings me to terms with the fact that while it is good to engage the government, the public should also be tasked to rise up in formidable mobilzed forum to embrace the issues of their interest and champion it in manners that would impact both on them and the entir society with a partcipatory community spirit.

Participatory platform discourages aloftness.When the educated understands,it is good and rewarding.But when the illiterates are ignored, society becomes endangered.There is need therefore to take the time to move these people to a position of understanding.

However, understanding does not come easy, both to the educated and the illiterate. Though the educated has a better inclination to it.When understanding is solicited for policies and programmes, plaguing issues should not be ignored to douse frictions.

Genuine opinions that are useful in all respects should be harnessed.They are good for the local community and could be useful to help activities at the national sphere.In the face of these challenges,the media task becomes more demanding in finding a sure way on how to channel, coordinate and drive into the mainstream of national focus issues of the ignored rural communities.

The need is therefore urgent with a devoted focus to tackle policy makers and push that enforcement agencies persistently drive growth with every shade of education at the rural areas where majority of the people live.

This is so because no meaningful economic and political growth is tenable when the divide is wide.This calls for mentoring resources and education through journalism activities and reportage vigorously provided;the journalist challenge.

This direction, eventually, puts the citizenry on a pedestal of contributive participation platform for national growth.

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