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Agriculture is said to be the backbone of Ghana’s economy. It employs about half the workforce of the nation. Investment in the sector has not been the best over the years culminating in decline in food production.

To avoid neglect of the sector, with the coming on stream of oil, the crafters of the Petroleum Revenue Management Act thought it wise to include agriculture as one of the sectors to be financed with oil revenues.

From 2011 to 2013 Ghana earned about Two Billion US Dollars from oil and a little above Ninety Million Ghana Cedis was allocated under the Annual Budget Funding Amount component to promote agriculture modernization. Under this, a number of subsectors were supported to enhance overall performance in food production.

One of the beneficiary programmes of the oil revenues is the Youth in Agriculture Programme. Is the programme achieving the objectives underpinning its establishment? Correspondent Dominic Hlordzi in this report for Ghana Today examines the impact of the Youth in Agriculture Programme on the Youth and their contribution to food security in the country. Take a listen to the audio report at

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