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With demand for food set to double by 2050, with a third less water, increasing loss of arable land and nutrients, with declining research and with climate change, the world is facing the likelihood of very serious famines in the coming half century - although most governments have not yet woken up to this. Technically, one of the biggest challenges is to increase water use efficiency in crop production worldwide by about 200-250 per cent over today's levels.

I am interested in hearing from members of this network about the techniques which they regard as most effective for sharing new knowledge with farmers in developing countries. These can be high tech or low tech - whatever works in your country in helping farmers adopt new technologies.

Particularly I wish to hear your suggestions for overcoming the language barrier and socio-cultural barriers, so we can quickly transfer new farming methods to people in ways they can understand and adapt to their culture and environment.

Your replies will assist a study I am carrying out for an international agricultural research agency on better ways to deliver new science and technology to poor farmers.

Many thanks

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What techniques are they using to inform farmers, Swati?
Hi Julian

I guess that you know about this already, but maybe not... CTA (the Technical Centre for Agricultural Cooperation in the EU and Africa, Caribbean and the Pacific) uses a range of media to communicate agricultural issues to farmers. These include ICT Update ( , which covers information and communication technologies, Spore ( web based information bulletin in French, Spanish and Portuguese - see, and Rural Radio Information packs (see

Another organisation that works on communication about agriculture is WrenMedia (, which produces New Agriculturalist magazine and radio programmes.

All the best
The African Green Revolution Conference might be of interest:
Judicious use of water and rain water harvesting is the best solution for water crisis.



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