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I have been talking about science communication with another member of this network called Swati Bute, who is looking for open-access papers on science communication. If anyone can suggest some free resources, please reply here and I will bookmark them under ScienceCommunication on this network's social bookmark site:


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Mike -

Here are various things I have written about SC that may be of assistance to Swati and network members. They mostly deal with science and the media. My book "Sharing Knowledge" covers the communication field more widely, including strategy, how to reach different audiences and techniques for assessing the effectiuveness of communication.

best wishes

Attachments: has an E-guide to science communication listed on its site. It can be accessed at

T V Jayan
Jayan: Thank you very much for pointing us to these important documents from SciDev.Net! This should be turned into a handbook for every young scientist. Calestous
Julian and Jayan, this is incredibly useful. Thank you.
Thanks Smriti. There is yet another excellent resource available on science writing on the web, of course free of cost. This was brought out by The Association of British Science Writers. It's called SYWTBASW, a short form for "So you want to be a science writer". It's available on the association's site. In case, there is any problem in finding it, I upload the same here.
Oh..Jayan..Happy to see you here. The e guide has been removed from the location now. Is it available anywhere else? - Raghu.



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