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This network was set up at the 5th WCSJ in Melbourne in April 2007. The next conference will be in London in 2009. I am working with the London conference team so would like to use this space to get suggestions of what the conference should include. All ideas are welcome.

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Hi Mike!
I didn't make it to Melbourne but looking forward to the next meeting. My major current concerns are:
1. How science journalism can become more relevant to ordinary citizens while maintaining professional ideals such as accuracy, excellence and independence from the powers that be, not least science and scientists. The focus would be on further carving out an ethic in the face of increasing pressures on science journalism to conform to agendas of other actors such as industry, international organizations and so on. This requires major changes not only on the part of these actors but also among journalists.

2. The disturbing and problematic gulf between research on science journalism in different academic quarters (media research, medical research etc) and and the practice of science journalism itself. These actors are mostly not on speaking terms, and this has, I believe,serious, deleterious consequences for society.

I agree with Mike, particularly in relation to the second point. I have noticed at several science communication events that we host here in Sydney for the"">Australian Science Communicators that very often the conversation is about science - instead of about the *process* of communicating. I know many of us love and value science and its potential for good in the world but I feel like there are more pressing issues around communicating and collaborating in general that really need to be addressed before we can be effective as communicators in a cohesive community (that could then perhaps be more of a force for policy and social change). I love this network (thanks Mike) which I stumbled upon by accident tonight, because I think it is by working together that we will really accomplish something.
I wish WFSJ national association's representatives especially from third world countries and research and media network members are also encouraged to participate with some provisions of travel grants to needy ones as an incentive.Trust you shall take a serious note of it Mike and oblige those many genuine science communicators who despite their earnest desire to participate in such international events can't do so in want of financial assistance.
i agree with Dr. Arvind ! indeed many genuine science communicators would like to attend but can not make it because of costs and lacke of financial support.
Hi Mike and everyone,

It's great to join the Research and Media Network and talk to everyone about ideas for the London conference in 2009. I have the great honour, as some of you know, of being the Director of the conference, on behalf of the Association of British Science Writers (ABSW). This means that it's my job to link up between the various teams involved in organising the conference, and to do fundraising. It's great to see the ideas beginning to develop here about what you would like to see at the London conference - please keep them coming!

At the same time, we need good ideas for sponsors for the conference - does anyone have any contacts with organisations that they think would like to sponsor an event of this kind? Please forward these to me - either via this discussion board or directly by email to

Thanks so much!

i think a session/sessions on the basics is/are essential :for example, climate change- what is it , what is causing it , what is its effects.also basics of GM and nano tech.thes things need to explained to the public , especailly in "third world" areas and explaination can not be provided without a good grasp of the basics.
Hi Mike,
It would be nice, because many experts would like to tell us, and I would like to learn from others. But I can not attend it, because of Costs Financial Support.
How can we get the rusult of the next meeting in London ?
Hi Oemi

We will be looking at ways of putting the information presented at the conference on the internet - such as by sharing the powerpoint presentations or videos of the talks themselves.

Best wishes
That will be great, It will help all those who cannot make it, and always desired to get closer to the scene of action and learn from the proceedings.
Best of lucks,Mike.

A world conference of the magnitude you are putting together requires an all embracing outlook that would focus on using journalism to engineer local particpation in events geared to reduce poverty and tackle government of such countries to take practical steps to reduce poverty.Discuss and set out the modalities. Capacity building/training especially on standard and ethics should also be emhasized.
Hi Mike, Thank you Very much about your response. I hope the next meeting in London to be success.
I have gained acceptance of reflecting in my reports billed for broadcast, rural community life because of the way I present their issues.I take the intiative to include them in news focus because I believe that meaningful development should transcend or begin at that level.Journalists, especially those who practice in Africa,should assume this bridge building effort to increase the information level among them as to lead them to available opportunities for improved living.
I am also particularly impressed that Nigeria government is taking a drastic effort to make companies ,whose operation pollute the environment ,to comply with the 2008,first JANUARY deadline on stoppage of gas flaring.The rural communities' environment that are worse hit would be repaired and the betteer.



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