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Does anyone want to join the Saturday Skypecasts I'm doing for the World Conference of Science Journalists's tutoring and mentoring programmes?

We have a group of a dozen reporters who participate but I'm wondering about making it a bit broader - as long as really experienced reporters understand that I am a horrible little dictator and will give the microphone to the people being trained as a priority?

PS: I tape the Skypecasts, so if you say anything rotten, it's immortalised! (I rather tend to forget to tell people that they're being taped ... it's the radio journalist bit in my résumé.

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I wouldn't mind taking part, if you think I'd be a useful addition. The sub editor's perspective on bad reporting, maybe?
Genade, there's people out there! Excellent. Have you got Skype 3.5? I reckon I already know that your sound card and internet are up to scratch.
I not only have version 3.5... I have version!



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