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I have been talking with colleagues recently about our 'trusted sources' of information on climate change, biodiversity and other information. I thought it would be good to share a few and to learn some more. If you can recommend any, I will collate the information and store it under a new 'trusted-sources-[subject]' tag on this network's bookmark page:

Here are some of mine:
Climate change
Earth Negotiations Bulletin:

Science news
Nature news:


I'll start with those five but have plenty more to add later.


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Convention on Biodiversity main office in Montreal - have good news aggregation and contacts
The Center for Science and Technology Policy Research at the University of Colorado has a wonderful science-policy blog called Prometheus that I read regularly.

You mentioned Nature, which also runs a blog called Climate Feedback .

Let is know when you've set up the delicious tags.

International Research Institute for Climate and Society
Thanks Francesco and Stephen
I have added those to the delicious page:

All the best
Thanks for that. Have started pushing out Jim Hansen's updates on the IRIN website on the IRIN in-depth on climate change. Was hoping to get some more experts write about their work. Your director has not come back to you?



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