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Bringing people together to improve communication of research findings

This social network was set up in just a few minutes and is a work in progress - please use this forum to suggest and discuss ways of improving the site and making it more useful for anyone involved in communicating research.

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Mike - thanks for setting this up. I see that it's possible to upload files, but I wonder if it might be possible to create a forum for images? It may be helpful to pool photos - especially after events like the WCSJ. Cheers, Jess
Hi Jess
It is possible to upload files, but there is an overall limit to the amount of space we can take up. I am looking into what the best options are. It might make sense to have a separate Flickr site and include a module on this site's homepage that shows the latest images to be uploaded. I will look at some of the other Ning networks so see how they handle images; ideally, I would like a solution that involves minimal management. I'll let you know what I come up with. Meanwhile, have you seen that the WCSJ photos are now online?
Mike - good job. Is there any way to do a key word search across the Forum membership and pull-up relevant members (rather than having to check each profile or post a request)? I think the search function in the top right only looks across posted text? James
Hi James - I have contacted the people behind Ning networks to ask this question. The search engine is currently no good. I'd like to be able to search for members in a specific country, for example. The good news is that the Ning team seem very responsive and are constantly updating the programming code behind these networks. So I am confident that a functioning search engine will be with us soon. Cheers. Mike
Research and Media Network is a good starting to share the ideas. Thanks to Mike for staring this network. Now I am learning how to use this network. I want to say some thing-regarding science communication, we are in initial phase and no professionalism in Nepal. Only a limited numbers of science journalists (not more than 10) are working in different medias. Also, there is none of any training and higher education facility for science communication. So I have been feeling difficulties for science reporting.I think the network is important to develop skill by sharing ideas and discussions. I am not from english speaking country, my native language is Nepali so in my writing definitely there can be mistake-whether is it ok or not?
Your English is fine! Thanks for joining the network. It is good to put a face to the name. One thing that we can do through this network is share information and news about events such as training opportunities for science journalists and research communicators who need more skills and resources. On the network's homepage (under the map) is a small box that lists online information and resources that I am bookmarking using the social bookmarking website. The advantage of this system is that it allows bookmarks to be shared and categorised, so there will be sections for things like: sources of news, information for science communicators, and on organisations that support journalists in the South. I will keep updating the full list as I find new things, and other users of can also share their bookmarks with this list for this network - see:
Jambo Liz
Good to hear from you. It is currently it is only possible to have a multiple choice option or an empty box to fill in so I hope members of the network can say more about what they do in the 'Please introduce yourself' section.

Hi Mike! Congratulations for setting this up. Good work!
I hope you can also include in this site some upcoming events and trainings for science journalists. It is really helpful for us science journalists to be informed especially regarding the trainings. Like for me, I have no science background but I am very much interested in some "add on" trainings in order to broaden my knowledge. Anyway, it's a good start. Cheers!
Imelda Abano, Philippines
Hi Imelda

I added a section of the Forums that is devoted to training or writing opportunities for journalists - see here. Also, I will be bookmarking organisations that do such training on the network's social bookmark site, which is here. The bookmarking system allows people to share their links socially so we are not all duplicating work. Have a look. All the best, Mike.
Hey Mike great job setting this network up. I look forward to seeing this place buzzing with activity.

I was wondering if we can set this up so there's way to look for science journalists in a certain country. This could be useful when someone is working on a story and needs advice from a local.

I also look forward to more of us becoming involved with the network. If we can have lively talks about how to improve the status of science journalism in our countries then I believe this will be very benificial. I noticed during WCSJ that the problems we all face are very much alike. We will need to brainstorm in order to come up with something. I have not been visiting here regularly but I made a point to at least stop by twice a day from now on! :)
Hi Mohammed

Thanks for joining the network and getting involved. The software developers say they are working on improvements to the search function as a priority. So I hope that soon we will be able to search within the network by country or area of interest, etc. I hope that we will see some improvements soon!

Hello Mike:
Congratulations for your very bright and useful idea. I am sure that all of us will work to help you with this effort. I am from Bolivia, so, I wanted to suggest you to pint in red my country in the map too to encourage other bolivian people.
Thanks for all your work
Kind Regards
Laura Guachalla



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