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Bringing people together to improve communication of research findings

This social network was set up in just a few minutes and is a work in progress - please use this forum to suggest and discuss ways of improving the site and making it more useful for anyone involved in communicating research.

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Hola Laura. Welcome to the network. I have updated the map now to include Bolivia. Saludos, Mike
Thanks for setting this up Mike. As Yet Another Social Network I'm not sure how long it will last or how useful it will be, but it looks like things are off to an interesting start.

I'd second the idea for a shared user or Pool on Flickr for sharing photos (although not other files).

One question: are you going to have time to moderate the site for spammers and trolls? Just looking at the membership very briefly it seems there may already be one or two.

The problem with some groups is they are started with a zeal but soon they lose their pace and hence end up in nothing. I hope we will make this group better...
Happy to be on board and also glad to see quite a few journalists from Nepal...Sabaai Laai Namaste!

THANKS Mike for the invite!

Cheers all...
Hullo mike

Thanks for the effort and concern for establishins this site. I hve joined the social network and I strongly believe it will go a long way in bridging the imformation gaps in science reporting.I wll be sharing with you other ideas as we move along.


Kizito Hamidu

Rural development media communications (RUDMEC)
Hi Mike, Congratz!
I'd suggest to:
1) incorporate more alternatives for the profile's fields of interest
2) improve the search engine
3) facilitate the exchange of files
4) share a tutorial for new users
with best wishes,
Hi Mike, I am so amazed by the growing size of this network. So many members it has now! It seems to me that when the crowd gets bigger, more chaos will emerge. And it is hard for me, for example, to get better involved in. (Maybe harder for you to have everyone involved in.)
I have a crazy idea: do you think it is interesting to have each of the members to chair one-day discussion? I know it might be hard to implement. Just something for discussion.
#1. Crucial updates from the people of that region: this will keep each other update of the development and we can have a comparative analysis.
hi Mike,
I would find it interesting to share literature references with researchers (like an online-endnote). I guess, it would be good, if journalists and researchers alike are up to date about scientific articles someone has pubished or is about to do be viewed in their profile
A job section would be another idea..but this migh not be the aim of the network.
Hi Mika

There is already a facility for us to share online bookmarks, using the Delicious system. I have been bookmarking some pages using it and they appear on this network's homepage (under the map) and at

Anyone will a Delicious account can share bookmarks easily using that system. When I get some time I will make a blog entry about how to use the system.
Hi Mike,

Great initiative...

I finally managed to join the group. It woudl be interesting if we can discuss and share finidngs from development projects out there in the field. The knowledge they produce is very valuable. On the other hand, if these projects get press exposure, it will improve their impact. Do you foresee this as a possibility on this network

Hi Charbel

It is good to see that you managed to join the group at last. Members of the network can use the blog section on their individual pages to announce findings from their projects. Already some members are using this to publish press releases about new findings and journalists on the network are able to access this information and find out who to contact for interviews, etc.

All the best



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