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Mapping the scientific consciousness :National and Global efforts-International meet in Delhi

An international meet on the subject stated above organized jointly by National Institute of Science, Technology and Development Studies (NISTADS), New Delhi, India in joint collaboration with National council of science and technology communication [NCSTC] has just concluded [7-8th march,08] and I was privileged to attend the same-thanks to the generosity of its convener Mr.Gauhar Raza [].The meet discussed inter alia the role and usage of statistical tools to assess the perception,acceptance and appreciation of science by the lay people of different parts of the world including of course India.
The terminologies like scientific consciousness,scientific temper ,scientific awareness ,scientific conscience ,scientific enlightenment were frequently used in substitution of one another while they have different connotations amongst people of diverse cultural descents.
The awareness towards this new field of knowledge is now gaining importance throughout the world and the noteworthy initiative taken by the NISTADS in this regards shall go a long way in understanding the people's perception and understanding of of science in India.
The meet was well attended by the scientists of as many as a dozen countries of the world notably South Africa,UK,Philippines,Netherlands,Switzerland,Bulgaria ,Sri Lanka ,Australia, China etc.Around 30 delegates from different universities and science communication outfits also attended the meet.
In terms of academic accomplishments and working towards the great cause of advancement of science and scientific spirit the meet was a grand success.

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Thanks for posting this, Arvind. In spite of having missed the event, you almost made one feel there!
Thanks Rina for nice words,trust you join us during the next meet ..being planned by NISTAD People.
Sure, Arvind. Provided I am informed of the event in time
Done ,Rina.Thanks !



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