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So much articles on several topics are posted up on this network and they are very enriching, I must say.But added to this, should be an online chatting provision to allow users and visitors to this site who are willing to engage each other on online chat activities to interact.I believe,it would forge a closer relationship and generate an instant pull of rich content information that could be collated,analysed and developed to make more meaning to the reseach intent of this site.Can this be given a trial?

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Hi Tamunobarabi

I will check to see if a live chat function is possible. Until then, the forums and blogs both allow comments and any user can send a private message or write on another member's wall, so there are still plenty of ways to engage with each other.

I will let you know what I find out about live chat.

All the best
This quick response to my topic is very encouraging.But as I respond to your reply, I still believe that chatting provision could be quicker if one is on line.The kind of chat provision, I am talking about, is not like the very common types other sites are noted for.The kind I wish to suggest is the type that can paste up content of our chat unto our pages,which can be edited.,possibly.Truly, a sponteneous discussion could elicit bits but rich content for you and all of us here.



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