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Hi! World Blood Donor Day is going to be held on June 14th, 2008.

I would like to find out from you, the myths and mystery stories from your country or community about donating blood.

Let me know your own thoughts too about donating blood.

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Blood donations have come a long way in my country-INDIA. From the time when a famous writer-Premchand had referred to blood donation as dangerous to a person's well-being and health to now, when nearly every community -level function sees blood donation camps being organised by is certainly a good deal of progress. However, as a journalist covering public health, I have found blood banks lacking in storage facilities for the most part. In fact, the head of a major blood bank confessed to having discarded many packets of blood since the amounts collected by community donors had exceed the bank's requirements. I hence feel, community groups ought to keep this in mind when collecting blood from young enthusiasts.
Back when i was in college,some people would donate blood just for the lunch,because here people are given a soda and half bread after you donate when someone would want to save lunch money,they would go to donate blood.Most people are afraid to donate blood because they are not well informed,they think that when you donate blood you can get many infections and diseases mostly AIDS.Then in a remote village at our place,people tend to think that blood should be retained in the body and once it goes out from your body you are no longer when one sheds blood he or she is sent out to another place to live with the other ones who were cast away.



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