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public-funded research in developing countries have a dual role to play: on the one hand they need to do basic research which is both directed and and self-driven,besides undertaking applied research and innovative industrial research in partnership with industry or of its own,so as to diffuse to the targeted sector based on an innovation to market strategy. One of the best methods for this is to have industrial growth forums where investors,industialists and financial agencies take part along with research and government representative. Scientist teams or researchers as business development agents is very effective in marketing and commercialisation strategies through the coordinated effort and commitment that such platforms provide.There is a need to network with industry based on available expertise too ,since sometimes the knowledge within research agencies may be suited to industry as such or through some tinkering or engineering ,which the industry can undertake with own expertise or outsourcing: the research agency need to provide only knwledge or expertise support. Avocated technology transfer offices as such may not be of much avail in the absence of an internal mind-set and mechanism for the research centre to innovate and market.In the case of joint research with industry it would be more effective if there is interaction with in-house research within the industry. I N the absence of this ,a group of industries or firms in an industry in a region can sponsor research chair or programs of a long-term or sometimes medium term nature to address issues of a fudamental nature or of strategic interest.
I am attaching some files of interest related to research flows and technology learning in developing as well as in advanced areas through such collaborative linkages.. In short, it can be said that the intensity of effort or commitment is a more crucial element than the existing knowledge is for long-term learning and competitiveness of the firm. Another concept for innovation diffusion is that of innovation clusters ,a brief note on which also I am appending as an attachment with regard to a specific context.The implications for firm based approaches are also attached as a paper

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