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The good news is that the search function should be much better from mid-July onwards. And by August, the network will have a new Groups function. This will allow members to join groups within the network based on their country, field of interest, activity (journalist / press officer, for instance), language. These moves should make it much easier for people to find contacts and share information. If you have any other suggestions for improving this network, please share them and I will pass them on to the developers.

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Hi Mike and all,

What I was wondering, if this social network could be reshaped into an organization. There are like minded people; there is a vision, there are needs, why don't we create a more dynamic platform to address the needs of science journalism more effectively.

The objective of this organization, in addition to others, could be to teach and/or train science journalists, organize conferences, seminars or anything else that leads to development through science (journalism). This could either be achieved independently or in collaboration with other Universities/organizations. It could be an online learning activity or onsite training.

What do you all think?

Best regards
Mike: I am very interested in science cartoons. Is there a way we can add such materials to this Network? As you can see, I am promoter of cartooning:
Hi Calestous

Adding cartoons would be easy as the blogs can take images, but to add cartoons without the cartoonists' approval could be problematic. Ideally we would have some science cartoonists here on the network. I have been enjoying the climate-change related cartoons by Lawrence Moore that Tiempo Climate Newswatch publishes ( I have written to Lawrence to ask him if he is interested in joining this network and posting his cartoons on a blog.

Mike: I will shake some trees and see if some cartoonists who can defy their publishers and post some stuff here will exist in cyberjungle. Do any members of this network know of any such cartoonists? Can this forum help to cultivate some young science cartoonists? Calestous
Mike: Are you are aware of any portals for institutional or corporate podcasting offering science and technology literacy material? BASF, for example, has some good material on chemistry:
But I don't have a sense of how many of other institutions offer such services. Maybe other readers of this Forum will have some additional sources. Thanks. Calestous
Mike: See Cynthia's comment on my page on expanding on the "Other" button so people can say more about what they do. CJ



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