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Do any members of the Research and Media Network use Twitter? What are your thoughts on it and whether it is useful?

I have started using it this week. I will be using my Twitter feed to flag up interesting news I find online. You can follow what I am ‘tweeting’ here:

Or if you use an RSS reader, you can subscribe to the feed here:

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Not convinced yet about Twitter

Dear Mike

I started having a look at Twitter last year prompted by my young colleagues. But for me following them on where they were and what they are doing was not helping me in my writing for our quarterly Source Bulletin and communication work. Recently at my work ( we have started a WASH twitter site with a number of colleagues. A quick check on the WASH twitter site has not convinced me that following this group twitter is helpful for my information and communication work on WASH in the developing world. All the tweets I saw were on washing bodies, cars and babies, mainly in the USA. This is happening the same with the internet searches on “water”, which start with mainly USA sources.

See further my weekend Knowledge streams blog I wrote on 2 March at

The 140 characters maximum is also not giving me enouigh content that I can use.

You can also read from my blog that I last week got my new I-phone operational, linked to my Mac Book. After six days use I can see that the ease and many goodies on my I-phone, may make tweeting easier.

I'll add you to my twitter list to further explore, you can follow me on

Dick de Jong
Hi Dick

Thanks for these comments. I saw on your Twitter feed that there was not much information coming from the 5th World Water Forum. I was following tweets from that meeting by James Fahn of Internews/Earth Journalism Network ( who is also a member of this network - see his profile page

All the best
As an international climate campaigner, I find that Twitter is very useful for giving our supporters (including journalists and bloggers) quick updates on what we're doing without needing to send out an email blast or a press release. There is a certain creativity -- even elegance? -- required to packing an announcement into 170 characters or less.

I think the most important thing about Tweeting that's often forgotten is that it's done in community. The best experiences on Twitter involve a dialogue between different users, sharing information and updates, strategizing, and keeping up a sense of common identity and collaboration.

To wrap up, Twittter is quite useful for us as organizers -- what about journalists?



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