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Bjørn Vassnes, Science Journalist, Norway, reports about a recent outbreak of a science debate in Norway:

Normally, science is not a subject in Norway. And even the biggest newpapers do not have science reporters, even if Norwegians read more papers than anyone. Then, suddenly, the whole nation is discussing science: in the newspapers, on the TV, in the radio, and most of all in blogs and other internet media. With a temperature that you usually find in much more southernly countries. 

The heat is generated by Harald Eia, a TV-comedian turned science reporter, who is exposing social scientists and gender researchers in a  not very flattering manner in a TV series called «Brainwashed». The uproar started already last summer, more than half a year before the series was ready. Some social scientists who had been interviewed by Eia, went out in the press to say they felt they had been fooled, tricked to expose themselves by «dubious» tactics. 

Read more on the blog of the European Union of Science Journalists’ Associations: 

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