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Telecommunication expansion and Digital divide in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country of more than 15 core people. There are 5.5 core  users are now using mobile or PSTN phone for communication. This journey begins from the last 13 years. The overall tele-density is quiet satisfactory at present. There are six mobile operators and more than 13 PSTN operators are in Bangladesh market. They are taking vast expansion plan to cover up the whole country. Already the mobile operators covered the whole country with their GSM & CDMA frequency. At present the mobile operators coverage area is near about 99 % and their user penetration is near about 37 % of the total population of Bangladesh. On the other hand, there are only 4% population of Bangladesh are using Internet now. Out of these 4% only 1% are using Broadband Internet connection and rest of the 3% are using Mobile Internet connection which is very much slow and often unusable for the effective use and communication of Internet applications. At present, mobile operators are introducing GSM internet modem through out the country but they are offering only 0 kbps to 512 kbps internet speed. But due to  optimum level of connectivity these modems are often offering unusable internet speed. On the other hand, broadband users are facing high bandwidth price. our government currently selling the bandwidth @ 18,000 BDT + 15% VAT per Mbps. So, it is also difficult to expand this broadband connection. While   due to lack of proper infrastructural development in Bangladesh the broadband internet penetration is quiet low. There are so many ISPs (Internet Service Provider) in the country from the very beginning of the last decade. But due to high CAPEX and OPEX their business area did not expand in proper growth ratio. So, most of the ISPs are serving only their high paid corporate clients and a few home users.
Also, there are so much shortage in Local (Bangla) content in internet applications. So, due to low rate of literacy most of the people do not know how they will use Internet and will apply these resources in their daily life. Even most of the internet users are using internet only to meet their mail purpose. But there are so many applications in internet which is able to meet up our daily life problems and prospects. We can improve our life styles, income, thinking, knowledge and all about our information need from internet. But we need to identify the exact way in which our low iterate people can improve their life and income from internet. So, we need so many Bangla content to meet these challenges. 
To cover up these limitations, all ready our government issued Two Wimax operator licenses for countrywide broadband internet service. Also, issued Two Nationwide Telecommunication Transmission Network (NTTN) service providers for building, operating and maintaining countrywide Optical Fiber based robust network to provide the nationwide access for all types of service operators. There are also 31 IP tele licenses in Bangladesh. All of the license holders who are giving services to the end users (customers) will use these two common networks (NTTN) for the smooth operation of their services. It will help them to reduce CAPEX and OPEX and will give them the freedom to give services anywhere of Bangladesh at a very low cost and easy way.
Now our government is taking initiatives to make a DIGITAL BANGLADESH by introducing Internet applications in all of the government's departments. But they have to come forward to make a level playing field among the licensees. There are some constraints to run smooth business operations for the NTTN service providers. Many of the mobile operators are doing all the business together. As a result, ISPs are loosing their customers and going down; IP tele will not be lucrative; NTTN are loosing their prime focused business due to doing the same business by Mobile Operators etc.
So, in order to improve the situation, our Government should ensure the proper business environment for all the individual business firms, should separate Transmission business from Service business, Make level playing field for the smooth operation of all the individual business firms so that they all can survive well and expand their business areas in rural areas of Bangladesh. Now all of them is focusing only in the prime revenue earning areas like, Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Rajshahi, Khulna and other major cities. And such a way there increasing the DIGITAL DIVIDE between the RURAL and URBAN areas in Bangladesh.. We must need to overcome this situation but how we will make sure the equal growth of the country's DIGITAL applications?????

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