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What if writing articles were made compulsory to the scientific community

I felt a lot of discussion went into finding newer and effective ways to simply understanding scientific stuff written in a technical language for the scientific fraternity.

Why not make it compulsory for them by the Government to write articles in simpler form first and publish them, then think  publishing these in a non-scientific journal especially for non scientist with an interest in possessing a curiousity towards reading science and research. This article can also be complied and made available like other publications of theirs but to a non scientific audience.

This will help in a big way. These articles can be made available just like patents and publications globally.

What do you think. Is it not doable or is it difficult. Is it worth it or its a sheer waste of time. Send your thoughts for a healthy discussion.

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Many scientists write popular articles and get them published in various media.There are international awards for popularizing

science in easy and understandable manner.

I don't think publication of scientific findings in any non-scientific media  should be made compulsory by the governments.However,science and technology journalists may take enhanced interest to publish scientific articles

in understandable languages of common people.Governments or concerned scientific agencies may arrange and support  dissemination programs on scientific inventions,discoveries,innovations and technologies from time to time where science

journalists,media personnel,experts and common people and students may learn and share ideas.

I appreciate your keen interest on this issue.


journalists,media personnel and common people

Thanks for responding. I agree with you. But I have a query, there are more scholarly journals as compared to non scientific articles. If you can think a little deep, most of the patents are published some time or the other, but non scientific articles written out of these are comparatively very less. They should be at least proportional if not equal.

This thought comes to mind only to lessen the gap between research and need. Infact if you go to see, I am trying to touch upon a very broad topic.

thanks, i agree with you that its not 100% possible to make it compulsory, it could be better said as, by introducing a summary in simple language within the framework of writing a scholarly article could help. This could form a part of the paper format, eg. title, abstract, summary, methodology, etc.. then, there is a possibility that it might work. Again, i am saying it might work, though inside me i feel it will definately work. Only thing is the online journals could help in a big way for accepting the form slightly modified by inserting the summary which you could call-eg. lucid summary or brief for nonscientist or brief for public.

Something of that sort.

Thats all about it, lets make a beginning, thanks



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