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Land fragmentation jeopardizing food security in Eastern and Central Africa

In Kenya weak land laws have been blamed for chaos since 1992. In recent public hearings on land laws complaints of corruption in land registries dominated the discussion.

The Kenya’s parliamentary team on land Bill and land Registration Bill heard about cases of document duplicity where land ownership had two possession documents and this were being facilitated in the land registry.

Kenyans have expressed these concerns and have called for wider consultation to ensure passage of watertight laws to curb on existing and future cases of fraud involving in land. “Without proper laws disputes related to the emotive land issue will remain uncertain and recipe for future conflict,”

Kenyans said Rift Valley which borne the greatest brunt of tribal and ethnic clashes since 1992 had the mother of all intercommunity conflict in 2007/2008 following a disputed presidential election.

For many years communities in the region remain adamant citing the historical land injustices ignored by the successive administrations as the root cause of conflict.

Politicians have been at the receiving end for exploiting and exploring the issue out of proportion by twisting the truths about it to manipulate the minds of communities to cause mayhem for their selfish gain.

To correct these colonial land historical injustices there is need for sobriety in deliberation to ensure views of the public guides the drafting of land laws. Colonial administration committed historical land injustices by evicting native communities from their ancestral land to create room for white highland settlements.

The successive regime exacerbated the same through sticking to the oppressive colonial policies that encouraged and sustained these disparities that in turn reached boiled point hence bloodshed. But what appeared to be lost in the quest for strict land laws is legislation on land fragmentation.

Communities have embarked on dividing once agricultural land into commercial plots which experts say is risking for security not only in Kenya but Eastern and Central Africa as whole.

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