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Environmental journalist from Europe interested in biodiversity


I am looking for international and national environmental journalists interested in writing about transnational biodiv projects (habitat re-coneccting, wildlife coridorrs, species conservation) in Europe.

Example: During the renown international conference on green infrastructure ( held in Berlin in October this year we are organising a journey to learn our EU-Life+ co-founded project, resulting in re-creating a 20.000 km wide network of forest biotopes in Central Europe.

We are a large German NGO (, member of the Friends of the Earth Network and follow the ethical media codes of practise. In justified cases (eg. freelancers, jounalists from CEE) we might be able to offer a scholarship to cover up travel expenses.

If interested, please do not hesitate to contact me preferably by e-mail: izabela.skawinska-luther(at)

Izabela Skawinska-Luther
Nature Communications 
& EU LIFE+ Project "Networks of Life"
Bund für Umwelt und Naturschutz Deutschland (BUND)
Friends of the Earth Germany
Am Köllnischen Park 1, 10179 Berlin
Fon: + 49 1778122902  (Mo-Thr 10.00-15.00)
Fax: + 49 30 275 86-496

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