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Kyoto Protocol Climate Change Business


Kyoto Protocol Climate Change Business

How to increase welfare, create local jobs, attract financiers, bring additional profit, develop business and M&A opportunities thanks to the Kyoto Protocol.

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Earn money with introducing others to the "Kyoto Protocol"

Since 2005 = start of the Kyoto Protocol, Carbon (CO2 and equivalent Greenhouse Gasses) became MONEY, which brings it straight to the Board Room Level and this affects just about every manager and business, policy maker ...
The basic princple is simple: those that caused the Global Climate Destabilisation HAVE to buy CO2e-Certificates from projects that removed CO2e. Result: Transfer of technologies, money from rich to poor countries (since it's cheaper to buy land, install windturbines, etc. and often the sun is shining more intensily there), business expansions, M&A's, more links = peace becuase of linking rich and poor, ... better planet.
Let the figures speak:
2007: 62 billion $ turnover in CO2e-Certificates alone
2008: 100 billion $ turnover in CO2e-Certificates alone
With USA joining the Kyoto Protocol, the need for the CO2e-Certificates will rise to 3.000 billion $ by 2020, that's 3 trillion $ ... and more and more countries are joining and more sectors are being added ...
I offer a basis package:
1. Interview someone that knows the strategic plan of the company
2. Report to me, brainstorm and turn the Strenghts and Opportunities into a Draft "Kyoto" Webpage to be added to the companies Website, where other can READ and SEE that the company indeed understands its role in the Carbon Friendly Economy and for what kind of proposals/business the company is open for.
3. Use the "Companies'Kyoto Webpage" as a starting point for a 1/2 day Board Room level workshop.
If you want to help reach out / earn money with introducing companies/parties/politicians/... to the Kyoto Protocol and advise them the FIRST thing for them to do is to TALK about it ... and what better way than to ADD A WEBPAGE to their Website... contact me if you want to collaborate. Let's sign a Memorandum and Collaboration Agreement and start to work !

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Comment by Annibale Ferrini on July 8, 2009 at 18:23
Dear members of R&MN,
I am collaborating with UN interagency (UNDP, UNOPS, ILO, UNIFEM, UNESCO, UNITAR, UNHCR, WHO) program IDEASS (Innovation for Development and South-South Cooperation) in Central America.

IDEASS is part of the UN ART Initiative (Articulating Territorial and Thematic Networks for Human Development), a new form of multilateralism, involving international organizations, national governments, local authorities, non state actors, NGO, universities and civil society in International Cooperation programs in which people in Developing Countries are the main actors of their own sustainable human development.

In particular, IDEASS aims to build capacity for technology transfer in eco-innovation, focusing on SMEs and developing countries. Its activities center on getting environmentally and socially sustainable products and services from research to market, improving market conditions and bringing affordable, easy to operate and fast to apply eco-innovative responses to specific needs of developing countries.

Long term objective of IDEASS are to enhance a World network and to develop a reliable database of effective experiences to share knowledge and support SMEs in South to South, North to South and South to North partnerships for a Human Development in International Cooperation.

The on going Central America project, involving Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Honduras, focuses on recycling technologies. I am responsible to assess a World 10 Best Recycling Technologies Catalog to be presented in promotion initiatives for SMEs in those countries. The technologies have to respect the requirements cited above.

ART Initiative and IDEASS consider Universities and Research centers fundamental in this knowledge sharing and networking processes. That's why they are the first subjects invited to participate.

Every participant is required to fill a specific form to present the technology. They will be owners of all the copyrights, patents and credits. They will be cited in all the publications and involved in eventual industrial applications and investments. Moreover they will be part of an international database. The more efficient and valid products will be part of an international permanent catalog that IDEASS will present all over the world for future employs in other countries for Development projects and partnerships.

I will be the coordinator of this first operative step on behave of Giulia Dario, UNOPS - IDEASS International Secretary, managing the relations with the selected organizing counterpart, the University of Central America in El Salvador.

If you are interested in it, please refer to me for any kind of communication.
I ll look forward to engage you and the organization you represent in the first step of this project.

You can find out more about ART and IDEASS on these web sites:

Thank you for your attention.
Kind Regards,

Annibale Ferrini

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